SAP Authorization Object Class GGRC

GRC AC Authorization Objects

The Authorization Object Class GGRC (GRC AC Authorization Objects) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class GGRC
Short Text GRC AC Authorization Objects

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class GGRC contains 17 authorization objects.

GRCCC_0001 Compliance Calibrator - Table maintenance
GRCCC_0002 Compliance Calibrator - Execute
GRCCC_0003 Compliance Calibrator - User Group
GRCCC_0004 Restriction by Organizational Rule Id
GRCCC_0005 Compliance Calibrator Alerts
GRCCC_0006 Authorization for Business Units - Mitigation
GRCCC_0007 Authorization for Risks - Mitigation
GRCCC_0008 Authorization for Roles - Mitigation
GRCCC_0009 Authorization for HR Objects - Mitigation
GRCCC_0010 Authorization for Function - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0011 Authorization for Risks - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0012 Authorization for Rules - Rule Architect
GRCCC_0013 Authourization for Business Process - Rule Architect
GRCFF_0001 Superuser Privilege Management
GRCFF_0002 Superuser Privilege Management - Role based authorization
GRCRE_0001 Role Expert - Authorization Object 1
GRCRE_0002 Role Expert - Authorization Object 2