SAP Authorization Object Class ISRE

Real Estate

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The Authorization Object Class ISRE (Real Estate) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class ISRE
Short Text Real Estate

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class ISRE contains 45 authorization objects.

F_MIE_SKO Real Estate: Rental agreement - Authorization for conditions
F_MNG_CON Real Estate: Management Contract - Authorization for CoCd
F_PMT_TRNS Real Estate: Payment Transaction - Author. CoCd/Activity
F_RE_BRGRP Real Estate: Authorization Group
F_RE_REPOR Real Estate: Reporting - Author.for CoCd/Auth.Grp/Data Type
F_RE_TRANS Real Estate: General Transaction Authorization
F_REAJ_CG Real Estate: Comparative Group
F_REAJ_PR Real Estate: Adjustment of Conditions
F_REBD_AO Architectural Object
F_RECN Real Estate: Real Estate General Contract
F_RECN_ATT Real Estate: Authorization Types for General Contract
F_RECN_FDG Real Estate: Field Groups for General Contract
F_RECN_SKO Real Estate: Conditions for Real Estate General Contracts
F_RESC_PG Real Estate: Participation Group
F_RNT_ADJ Real Estate: Rent Adjustment - Authorization for CoCd/Method
F_RNT_OFF Real Estate: Offer - Authorization for CoCd/Bus.Entity
F_UMV_BUK Real Estate: Sales-based agreement adj. - CoCd authorization
F_WIBE Real Estate: Cost Efficiency Analysis
FI_ABR_BUK Real Estate: Settlement unit - Company code authorization
FI_BAV_BUK Real Estate: Transfer BAV data - Company code authorization
FI_BEW_ACT Real Estate: Application - Maintenance authorization
FI_BKA_BUK Real Estate: Operat.costs stt. - Company code authorization
FI_FAG_BUK Real Estate: Free rent adj. commerc.agrmnt - CoCd authoriz.
FI_FAW_BUK Real Estate: Free rent adj. resid. agrmnt - CoCd authoriz.
FI_GAR_BUK Real Estate: Rent adj. of garage rent - CoCd authorization
FI_GBU_ACT Real Estate: Land register - Maintenance authorization
FI_GEB_BUK Real Estate: Building - Auth. for CoCd/business entity
FI_GRU_BUK Real Estate: property - Author.for CoCd/business entity
FI_HEI_BUK Real Estate: Heating system - Company code authorization
FI_HKA_BUK Real Estate: Heating expenses stt. - CoCd authorization
FI_IND_BUK Real Estate: Index-linked rent - Company code authorization
FI_KUE_BUK Real Estate: Notice on lease-out - Author.for CoCd/BE
FI_ME1_BUK Real Estate: Rental unit - Authoriz.for CoCd/business entity
FI_MIE_BUK Real Estate: Rental agreement - Authoriz. for CoCd/BE
FI_MIS_ACT Real Estate: Repr.lists of rents - Maintenance authorization
FI_MIS_BUK Real Estate: Repr.list of rents adj. - CoCd authorization
FI_MOD_BUK Real Estate: Modernization adjustment - CoCd authorization
FI_RAU_BUK Real Estate: Rooms - Authorization for CoCd/business entity
FI_VBE_BUK Real Estate: Comparative group - Company code authorization
FI_VWO_BUK Real Estate: Comparative apartment - Company code authoriz.
FI_WEI_BUK Real Estate: Business entity - Authoriz. for CoCd/BE
FI_ZAH_BUK Real Estate: Debit pos.payment transactions - CoCd authoriz.
FI_ZLG_BUK Real Estate: Surcharge adjustment - Company code authoriz.
FI_ZUO_ACT Real Estate: Assign RU/applic. - Maintenance authorization
F_ITTC_BUK Buchungskreisberechtigung Berichtigungsobjekte (Vorsteuer)