SAP Authorization Object Class QA

Quality Management

The Authorization Object Class QA (Quality Management) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class QA
Short Text Quality Management

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class QA contains 19 authorization objects.

Q_CAT_GRP Catalog Maintenance of Group Codes and Codes
Q_CAT_SSET Catalog Maintenance of Selected Sets
Q_CERT_PRF Maintenance of Certificate Profiles
Q_CHAR_PRC Recording Authorization for Insp. Results in an Operation
Q_GP_CODE Use of Group Codes
Q_INSP_FIN Inspection Completion with Open Char./Insp.Pts Req. Conf.
Q_INSPTYPE Inspection Type for the Insp. Lot
Q_MASTERD Authorization for Master Data
Q_MATERIAL Material Authorization
Q_PLN_FEAT Maintaining Task List Characs. for a Task List Type
Q_QMEL Quality Notification Types
Q_ROUT Maintain Inspection Plan
Q_SPC Change to Control Charts
Q_STA_QMTB Maintain Inspection Methods Depending on Status
Q_STA_QPMK Maintain Master Inspection Characs. Depending on Status
Q_STCK_CHG Change Stock Posting Fields in UD Transactions
Q_TCODE QM Transaction Authorization
Q_UD_CODE Using Usage Decision Codes
Q_VORG_MEL Business Process Quality Notifications