SAP Authorization Object Class TRTM

Treasury Management

The Authorization Object Class TRTM (Treasury Management) is a standard Authorization Object Class in SAP ERP. It contains the following embedded authorization objects and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Authorization Object Class TRTM
Short Text Treasury Management

Authorization Objects

Authorization Object Class TRTM contains 29 authorization objects.

F_T_FBNAME Treasury: Authorization for Asynchronous Datafeed
F_T_TRANSB Treasury: Transaction Authorization
F_T_VTBLL Limit Transfers
F_T_VTBLR Limit Reservations
F_T_VTBMA Master Agreement
F_TR_MRM_S Scenario Maintenance
T_BP_DEAL Treasury Business partner: Standing Instructions / Transctns
T_BP_USED Business partner: Authorization for where-used list
T_BP_USEDT Business Partner: Where-Used List Authorization (Decoupling)
T_CML_ARCH CML: Authorization In The Loans Archiving Area
T_DEAL_AG Authorization for an Authorization group
T_DEAL_DP Authorization for Securities Account
T_DEAL_PD Authorization for Product/Transaction Types
T_DEAL_PF Portfolio Authorization
T_DEPOT Securities Account Position
T_FGDT_ART Generic Transaction: Authorization Types
T_FTI_LDB CFM Position Management Reporting Using Logical Databases
T_FTILDB01 Obsolete
T_KAPM_1 Corporate Actions I
T_KAPM_2 Corporate actions II
T_POS_ASS Assign Attributes to Positions
T_RDB_CVKF Results Database: Characteristic Value and Key Figure
T_RDB_RDEL Results Database: Delete Single Records
T_RIGHTS Authorization to Exercise Options
T_RMCHAR_V Characteristic Values in Risk Management Reports
T_RMOB_AUG Application Objects for CFM/Banking Analysis
T_STAM_GAT Master Data: Class Category
T_TRADER Treasury: Trader Authorization