SAP Function Group AIA_BAPI

FMs for BAPIs

The Function Group AIA_BAPI (FMs for BAPIs) is a standard Function Group in SAP ERP and is part of the package AIR. It contains the following embedded function modules and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Function Group AIA_BAPI
Short Text FMs for BAPIs
Package AIR

Function Modules

Function Group AIA_BAPI contains 18 function modules.

BAPI_APPREQUEST_ADDVARIANT Create Appropriation Request Variant
BAPI_APPREQUEST_ASSGNTOPROGPOS Assign Appropriation Request to Inv. Program Position(s)
BAPI_APPREQUEST_ASSGNVRNTVERSN Assign Appropriation Request to Plan Version(s)
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGE Change appropriation request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHANGEVARIANT Change Appropriation Request Variant
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CHNGASSGNMNTIP Change Assignment of Approp. Request to Inv. Program Position
BAPI_APPREQUEST_CREATE Create Appropriation Request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_DELETE Delete appropriation request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETDETAIL Display appropriation request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_GETSTATUS Display Status of Appropriation Request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_REMOVEVARIANT Delete Appropriation Request Variant
BAPI_APPREQUEST_RESETPLANVALUE Reset Plan Values of Appropriation Request Variant
BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETPLANVALUES Change Plan Values of Appropriation Request Variant
BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUS Setting System and User Status of Appropriation Request
BAPI_APPREQUEST_SETSTATUSVARNT Setting of User and System Status on Variants
BAPI_APPREQUEST_UASSGNVRNTVRSN Cancel Assignment of Appropriation Request Variant to Plan Version
BAPI_APPREQUEST_UNASSGNPROGPOS Cancel Assignment of Appropriation Request to Inv. Program Position(s)