SAP Function Group CJPNCORE

Preparation/Conversion RFC

The Function Group CJPNCORE (Preparation/Conversion RFC) is a standard Function Group in SAP ERP and is part of the package CNCORE. It contains the following embedded function modules and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Function Group CJPNCORE
Short Text Preparation/Conversion RFC
Package CNCORE

Function Modules

Function Group CJPNCORE contains 6 function modules.

CONVERSION_EXIT_CORPD_INPUT Konvertiert externe Projektnummer in interne Projektnummer, ggf. remote
CONVERSION_EXIT_CORPD_OUTPUT Konvertiert interne Projektnummer in externe Projektnummer, ggf. remote
CONVERSION_EXIT_CORPR_INPUT Konvertierung externe > interne PSP-Elementnummer, ggf. remote
CONVERSION_EXIT_CORPR_OUTPUT Konvertierung interne > externe PSP-Elementnummer, ggf. remote
CONVERSION_EXIT_PRCOR_INPUT Aufbereiten Projektnummer ohne Editierung, ggf. remote
CONVERSION_EXIT_PRCOR_OUTPUT Editierung einer Projektnummer, ggf. remote