SAP Function Group PPER3E

Decoupling of iPPE for R/3 Enterprise

The Function Group PPER3E (Decoupling of iPPE for R/3 Enterprise) is a standard Function Group in SAP ERP and is part of the package CPPER3E_DOCUMENT. It contains the following embedded function modules and dictionary objects.

Technical Information

Function Group PPER3E
Short Text Decoupling of iPPE for R/3 Enterprise

Function Modules

Function Group PPER3E contains 4 function modules.

PPER3E_CHECKOUT_VIEW Dokumente zum Anzeigen auschecken
PPER3E_CREATE_DOCUMENT Internal only: create document
PPER3E_DOCUMENT_LINK_CHECK Dokumentverknüpfung prüfen
PPER3E_DOCUMENT_SELECTION Dokumente selektieren