SAP Package AA_REP

Asset Accounting: Reporting

The package AA_REP (Asset Accounting: Reporting) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package AA_REP
Short Text Asset Accounting: Reporting
Parent Package APPL


SAP Package AA_REP contains 1 views.

V_ANLC_CURR Value Fields of ANLC


SAP Package AA_REP contains 11 structures.

FAA_S_CALCMETH_ALV Attributes of Calculation Method
FAA_S_CHGMETH_ALV Changeover Methods
FAA_S_DEGMETH_ALV Attributes of Declining-Balance Method
FAA_S_DEPKEYPHASES_ALV Attributes of Phases
FAA_S_PERMETH_ALV Attributes of Period Control Method
FAA_S_RAUNVA_ALV Output List for Incomplete Assets
FAA_S_STEPMETH_ALV Attributes of Multilevel Method
FIAA_AW01_TRANS Function group AB01 screen fields
FIAA_SALVTAB_RALEAS Definition of Int.Output Table for ALV in FIAA Report RALEAS
FIAA_SALVTAB_RALEAS2 Def. of Int.Output Table for ALV in FIAA Report RALEAS Item
FIAA_SALVTAB_RAWRK Defin. of Internal Output Table for ALV in FIAA Rep. RABEST