SAP Package AIM

IM capital investment measures (settlement, AuC alloc.)

The package AIM (IM capital investment measures (settlement, AuC alloc.)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package AIM
Short Text IM capital investment measures (settlement, AuC alloc.)
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package AIM contains 2 function groups.

AIMI AuC Values for Interest Calculation
AISU Investment measures: AuC processing


SAP Package AIM contains 3 transactions.

IMI0 CI Management Info System
KOB5 Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement
OIB5 Depreciation areas/value transfer

Database Tables

SAP Package AIM contains 4 database tables.

ANLE Asset Origin by Line Item
ANLI Link table for investment measure -> AuC
ANLK Asset Origin by Cost Element
TAPRF Cap. inv. measure profile for AuC and dep. simulation


SAP Package AIM contains 3 views.

V_T093A_V1 Assign capitalization version to deprec. area
V_TAPRF Investment profile
V_TAPRG Investment profile - allocation per source structure


SAP Package AIM contains 10 structures.

ANLI1 Link table for capital investment measure -> AuC
IMA_CAP_KEY Fields for determination of capitalization value
KAEP_HSETLPD Line Items: Permitted Hdr Fields for Order Settlement
KKAACAL Interface for transfer of determ. of capitalization value
R0IM4 Struct. for help flds. 0IM4
RAIST01 Transfer Data: Pilot Object -> AuC
RAIST02 Transfer: Old Obj.No. -> New Obj.No.
RAIST03 SAPLAIST work structure for (dialog/update)
RAIST04 Time-dependent asset fields from ANLZ for dep. recalcuation
RALTD2 Help structure totals fields SAPLALTD -> ANLK maintenance


SAP Package AIM contains 1 programs.

RAIXPR03 XPRA Report: Conversion of Capitalization Key - Investment Measures