SAP Package AISB

Audit Info System BC

The package AISB (Audit Info System BC) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package AISB
Short Text Audit Info System BC
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package AISB contains 1 function groups.

SECA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package AISB contains 3 transactions.

0REP Start of program, etc. from IMG
SECR Audit Information System
SM30_TVARV Call SM30 for Table TVARV

Database Tables

SAP Package AISB contains 1 database tables.

OBJSUBREP For transact. 0REP: Program to be started (comp. SREPOVARI)


SAP Package AISB contains 6 structures.

AIS_NOTE_KEY AIS: Key from Notes
AIS_REF_DRILLDOWN AIS Reference to transaction
AIS_REF_QUERY AIS Reference to transaction
AIS_REF_REPORT AIS Reference to transaction
AIS_REF_TCODE AIS Reference to transaction
AUDIT_FLDS Audit Information System Screen Fields


SAP Package AISB contains 15 programs.

RDDTDDAT Check Table Logging
RFTBPROT AIS Pre-Program for Evaluating Change Logs
RSAUDIT0 Audit Information System: Initial Screen
RSAUDITA Audit Information System: Attribute Maintenance
RSAUDITC Audit Info System: Display Blocked/Unblocked Transactions
RSAUDITD Audit Info System: Transfer Notes from 3.x 4.0 4.5
RSAUDITL Audit Information System: Display
RSAUDITL_NEW_NOTES Audit Information System
RSAUDITM Audit Info System: TMS Evaluations
RSAUDITT Audit Information System: Table Entries in TVARVC
RSIMGEXE Reporting Structure: Start Program
RSINFO00 Call Up Repository Information System for Audit Information System
RSPPARAM Display Profile Parameter
RSQUEU01 Audit Information System Download/Export TEMSE File
RSSECR00 Call Reporting Tree Info System

Message Classes

SAP Package AISB contains 1 message classes.

A4 Audit Info System