SAP Package BF

FI Cross-application Objects

The package BF (FI Cross-application Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BF
Short Text FI Cross-application Objects
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BF contains 12 function groups.

0F_ACC_PRINCIPLE Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FB1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FBV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FZW Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
ACC_ACCPRINCIPLE_SERV Services for Accounting Principle
BAUPTM Table Maintenance: Bank Data Transfer
FBKK Determine bank account no. (>18 places)
FCE2_ABA FI Conversion Exits (ABA)
IBAN Check and Generate IBAN Number
MESS Send message acc. to customer setting
MESSH Customized Messages for Message Handler
TEXT_JP Test modules for Japanese texts


SAP Package BF contains 4 transactions.

OBA5 Change Message Control
OBA9 C FI Maintain Table T015Z
OBMSG Configurable Messages
OY17 Countries - field checks

Database Tables

SAP Package BF contains 9 database tables.

T005P Validation of tax keys
T007B Tax Processing in Accounting
T015M Names of the months
T015Z Digits and numbers in words
T100C Message Control by User
T100S Configurable system messages
T100SA Application Areas for Configurable Messages
TACC_PRINCIPLE Accounting Principle
TACC_PRINCIPLET Accounting Principle


SAP Package BF contains 9 views.

H_T055G Help View for Field Groups (Master Data)
H_T100SA Help View for Search Help T100SA
V_005_B Country Field Checks
V_T005P Fiscal Regional Codes (Italy, Spain)
V_T015M Names Of The Months
V_T015Z Digits And Numbers In Words
V_T100C Message Control by User
V_T100SA Application Areas for Configurable Messages
V_TACC_PRINCIPLE Accounting Principles


SAP Package BF contains 138 structures.

ACCT_DET_BF General fields for account determination interfaces
ACCT_DET_C_C_BF Account determination for co.code clearing: Results fields
BAPI0002_1 Transfer Structure for Object 0002: Company Code Get List
BAPI0002_2 Transfer Structure for Object 0002: Company Code Get Detail
BAPI0002_3 Include structure with name attributes of the ADRC address
BAPI0002_4 Reference structure: Period/fiscal year
BAPI0003_1 Transfer Structure for Object 0003: Business Area
BAPI0003_2 Transfer Structure for Object 0003: Business Area Get Detail
BAPI0003_3 Transfer Structure for Object 0003: Import Structure
BAPI1007 Structure for business object customer
BAPI1007_4 Transfer structure 1007/GetDetail/General data
BAPI1007_5 Transfer structure 1007/GetDetail/Company code data
BAPI1007_6 Transfer structure 1007/GetDetail/Bank data
BAPI1007_7 Transfer structure 1007/find/search terms
BAPI1007_8 Transfer structure 1007/find/search results
BAPI1007_9 Transfer structure 1007/find/search terms
BAPI1008 Structure for business object supplier
BAPI1008_4 Transfer structure 1008/GetDetail/General data
BAPI1008_5 Transfer structure 1008/GetDetail/Company code data
BAPI1008_6 Transfer structure 1008/GetDetail/Bank data_
BAPI1008_7 Transfer structure 1008/find/search terms
BAPI1008_8 Transfer structure 1008/find/search results
BAPI1008_9 Transfer structure 1008/find/search results
BAPI1022_1 BUS1022 (Fixed asset): Key
BAPI1022_2 BUS1022 (Fixed asset): General data
BAPI1022_3 BUS1022 (Fixed asset): Alloc. to org. struct. and CO objects
BAPI1022_4 BUS1022 (Fixed asset): Evaluation groups / Allocations
BAPI1022_5 BUS1022 (Fixed asset): Composite struct. for individ. fields
BAPI2021_ACCOUNTS BAPI Payment Request: Accounts
BAPI2021_ADDRESS Payment Request: Address Data
BAPI2021_AMOUNTS BAPI Payment Request: Amounts and Currencies
BAPI2021_BANK BAPI Payment Request: Bank Data
BAPI2021_CENTRALBANKREP BAPI Payment Request: Reporting Data
BAPI2021_CORRDOC BAPI Payment Request: Corresponding Accounting Document
BAPI2021_DATES BAPI Payment Request: Data
BAPI2021_HELP BAPI Payment Request: Other Fields
BAPI2021_INSTRUCTIONS BAPI Payment Request: Instruction Key
BAPI2021_KEYNO BAPI Payment Request: Key Number
BAPI2021_LIST BAPI Payment Request: Transfer Structure for GetList BAPI
BAPI2021_ORGANISATIONS BAPI Payment Request: Organizations
BAPI2021_ORIGIN BAPI Payment Request: Origin
BAPI2021_PAY Structure for BAPI (Payment)
BAPI2021_PAYMENTCTRL BAPI Payment Request: Payment Control
BAPI2021_REFERENCES BAPI Payment Request: Reference Data
BAPI2021_REFTEXT BAPI Payment Request: Note to Payee Texts
BAPI2021_REPORTS Reports and Variants for Scheduling Payment Program
BAPI2021_REV BAPI Payment Request: Cancel
BAPI2021_SELACDOCNO Selection Number of the Corresponding Document
BAPI2021_SELCLRDOCNO Selection of Clearing Document Number
BAPI2021_SELCOMPCODE Selection of Company Code
BAPI2021_SELFISCYEAR Selection of Corresponding Document Fiscal Year
BAPI2021_SELITEMNUM Selection of Row in Corresponding Document
BAPI2021_SELLOGSYST Selection of Logical System
BAPI2021_SELOBJKEY Selection of Reference Key
BAPI2021_SELOBJTYPE Selection of Reference Transaction
BAPI2021_SELORI Origin Selection
BAPI2021_SELREQUESTID Payment Request Key Numbers as Range
BAPI2021_STA BAPI Payment Request: Status
BAPI3006_0 Object 3006 Transfer Structure: Import Structure
BAPI3006_1 Object 3006 Transfer Structure: G/L Account GetList
BAPI3006_2 Object 3006 Transfer Structure: G/L Account GetDetail
BAPI3006_5 Object 3006 Transfer Structure: Import Structure
BAPI4499_5 Transfer Structure Object 4499: Account Statement Key
BAPIACAP06 Posting to Accounting: Payroll (Vendor)
BAPIACAR05 Posting to Accounting: Payroll (Customer)
BAPIACCR04 Posting in Accounting: Payroll accounting (currency fields)
BAPIACCRPO Posting in FI/CO: Commitments (currency fields)
BAPIACGL04 Posting in accounting: General Ledger HR (Item)
BAPIACGL05 Posting in accounting: General Ledger HR-AR (item)
BAPIACGL06 Posting in Accounting: General Ledger HR-AP (item)
BAPIACHE04 Posting in Accounting: Payroll (header)
BAPIACHE05 Posting in Accounting: HR settlement with AR (header)
BAPIACHE06 Posting in Accounting: HR settlement with AP (header)
BAPIACHE07 Posting in FI/CO: Purchase order (header)
BAPIACKECR Posting in Accounting: CO-PA Acct Assignment Characteristics
BAPIACKECR2 Posting in Accounting: CO-PA 2 Account Assignment Chars
BAPIACTR00 Posting in Accounting: Trips (line item)
BAPIACTX01 Posting to FI Accounting: Tax (item)
BAPIBRANCH Structure of BAPIs for reading J_1BBRANCH
BAPICUSTOMER_02 BAPI Interface Structure/GetDetail/Bank Data
BAPICUSTOMER_04 BAPI Interface Structure/GetDetail/General Data
BAPICUSTOMER_05 Transfer structure 1007/GetDetail/Company Code Data
BAPICUSTOMER_ID Customer Number of an Existing Customer
BAPIKNA110 Transfer Structure KNA1/Search Terms
BAPIKNA111 Transfer Structure KNA1/Search Results
BAPIKNA112 Transfer Structure KNA1/Search Terms
BAPISECCODE Structure for BAPIs for Reading SECCODE
BAPIVENDOR_01 BAPI Interface Structure: Number Range for Vendors
BAPIVENDOR_04 Transfer Structure 1008/GetDetail/General Data
BAPIVENDOR_05 Transfer Structure 1008/GetDetail/Company Code Data
BAPIVENDOR_06 Transfer Structure 1008/GetDetail/Bank Data
BAPIVENDOR_10 Transfer Structure LFA1/Search Terms
BAPIVENDOR_11 Transfer Structure LFA1/Search Results
BAPIVENDOR_12 Transfer Structure LFA1/Search Results
BNKA_BF Bank data (neutral communications structure)
FEBAPPL_BF Account statement/lockbox: Data from other applications
FEBCL_BF Clearing data for an electronic bank statement line item
FEBDOC_BF Statement/lockbox line item - posted documents
FEBEPIN_BF Statement/lockbox line item - internal information
FEBEPXT_BF Statement/lockbox line item - external information
FEBKOIN_BF Statement/lockbox header - internal information
FEBKOXT_BF Statement/lockbox header - external information
FEBPI_BF Account Balance: Line Item Information
FEBRE_BF Reference record for electronic bank statement line item
FIINTERFACE Fields for interfaces in function modules
HRXBLNR Special fields for HR when creating payment carrier
ITEM_TEXT_BF General fields for determining segment text
KNA1_BF Help structure for KNA1 for decoupling
PAYR_FI PAYR transfer structure to FI
PNBK_FI Prenotification (neutral communication structure)
QSTRE_BF Fields from FI table QSTRE required by HR
R005 Help fields for maintaining table T005
REGUH_BF Payment Data (Neutral Communication Structure)
REGUH_CORE_D Payment Data (Neutral Communication Structure)
REGUP_BF Paid items (neutral communication structure)
REGUP_CORE_D Paid Items (Neutral Communication Structure)
REGUV_BF Payment run identification (neutral communication structure)
RTAX1U38 Tax records and amounts for several codes
SI_T005ABA Application base fields for table T005
SPELL Transfer structure for amounts rendered in words
T001_BF Company code data (neutral communication structure)
T001R_BF Rounding of amounts (neutral communication structure)
T001Z_BF Additional data for company code (neutral structure)
T003_BF Document types (neutral communication structure)
T005_BF Application fields from the countries table for interfaces
T005R_BF T005R copy for decoupling
T012_BF Detail data on house bank
T012_D_BF Extended detail data on house bank
T012_K_BF Key data on house bank
T012_L_BF List data on house bank
T012K_BF Detail data on house bank account
T012K_L_BF House bank account - list data
T015L_D_BF Detail data on state central bank indicator
T015L_L_BF List data on state central bank indicator
T016T_BF Description of industries (neutral communication structure)
T042Z_BF Detail data on payment method
T042Z_L_BF List data on payment method
TVOID_BF Reasons for invalidity (neutral communication structure)


SAP Package BF contains 6 programs.

RF_SPELL Check of Conversion of Amounts/Figures into Words
RF_TEST_CONVERSION Test Determined Bank Account Numbers with More Than 18 Digits
RF_TEST_CONVERSION2 Test for Determining House Bank Acct Nos with More Than 18 Characters
RFSSPELL Submit RF_SPELL (for function module document SPELL_AMOUNT)

Search Helps

SAP Package BF contains 5 search helps.

H_T009 Help view for fiscal year variants
H_T055G Help View for Field Groups (Master Data)
SECCO_ABA Section Code
SSH_TABW Collective Search Help for Transaction Types
T100SA Search Help for Application Areas for Configurable Messages

Message Classes

SAP Package BF contains 2 message classes.

BF00 FI: Meldungen der Anwendungsbasis
FE_ABA FI Messages in der Anwendungsbasis