SAP Package BM

MM Cross-Application Objects

The package BM (MM Cross-Application Objects) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BM
Short Text MM Cross-Application Objects
Parent Package ABA


SAP Package BM contains 26 structures.

BAPICM61V Communication Work Area for Availability Check
BAPIEBAN Transfer Structure: Display/List Requisition Item
BAPIEBANC Transfer Structure: Create Requisition Item
BAPIEBKN Transfer Structure: Create/Display Requisition Acct Assgt
BAPIMATVP Material Data for Availability Check
BAPIMMPARA Transfer Structure: Interface Parameters: Purchasing
BAPIPLADET Structure for BAPI 'Plant Get Detail'
BAPIPLADOP Plant Get Detail - Data of Plant
BAPIRESB Transfer Structure: Display Details of Reservation Item
BAPIRESBC Transfer Structure: Create Reservation Item
BAPIRESBG Transfer Structure: List Reservation Item
BAPIRKPF Transfer Structure: Display/List Reservation Header
BAPIRKPFC Transfer Structure: Create Reservation Header
BAPIWMDVE Results of Availability Check - ATP Info in Internet
BAPIWMDVS Structure for Simulated Reqmts - ATP Internet Information
E1EDK09 IDoc: Header data ROr/JIT for suppliers plus user fields
E1EDK10 IDoc: User header data forecast/JIT dlv.sched. for suppliers
E1EDK11 IDoc: Header texts suppliers
E1EDKA1 IDoc: Document Header Partner Information
E1EDP10 IDoc: Item data forecast/JIT delivery sched. for suppliers
E1EDP11 IDoc: User item data forecast/JIT dlv. sched. for suppliers
E1EDP14 IDoc: Packing data forecast/JIT dlv. sched. for suppliers
E1EDP15 IDoc: Item texts forecast/JIT delivery sched. for suppliers
E1EDP16 IDoc: Schedule lines forecast/JIT dlv. sched. for suppliers
E1EDP36 Last Deliveries
MMORGDATA MM: Existence Check for Organizational Data

Search Helps

SAP Package BM contains 7 search helps.

H_T001W_C Dummy Search Help for WERKS_D
HS_T024D Collective Search Help for Material Planners
KRED_C Dummy Search Help for ELIFN and LIFNR
MBAN_C Dummy Search Help for BANFN
MEIN_C Dummy Search Help for INFNR
MEKK_C Dummy Search Help for EBELN
PD_C Dummy Search Help for EPS_PSPID