SAP GP: Extraction BW

The package BUPA_EXT (SAP GP: Extraction BW) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BW_CONTENT.

Technical Information

Package BUPA_EXT
Short Text SAP GP: Extraction BW
Parent Package BW_CONTENT

Function Groups

SAP Package BUPA_EXT contains 2 function groups.

BUEXT SAP BP: Extractor - Function Module
BUEXT_IND_SECTORS BP: Industry Extraction


SAP Package BUPA_EXT contains 8 views.

V_BUT020_BW BW Extraction: BP Standard Address (Extended)
V_BUT021_FS_BW2 SAP Business Partner: Standard Address for SAP BW
V_BUT052_BW BW Extraction: Address for Contact Person (Extended)
V_BUT0BK_BW BP: Bank Details
V_BUT0CC_BW BP: Payment Cards
V_BUT0ID_BW BP: Identification Numbers
V_BUT0IS_ALL_BW SAP-BP: Industry Sectors
V_BUT100_BW_ORG SAP BW: Partners with Specific Roles (for Users/OrgUnits)


SAP Package BUPA_EXT contains 13 structures.

BUS_ADRC_BW SAP GP: Extract Structure Standard Address Business Partner
BUS_BNKA_BW SAP AG: Extraction Structure for Bank Master (Text)
BUS_BP_RELATIONS_BW BP: Partner Relationship Extraction Incl. Attributes for BW
BUS_BP_RELTYPES_BW GP: Extraction Texts for Partner Relationship Types for BW
BUS_DEF_ADDRESS_BW SAP GP: Extraction Structure for Standard Address
BUS_FORMATTED_ADDRESS_BW SAP-BP: Fields for Formatted Addresses
BUS_ROLE_RANGE_BW SAP Business Partner: Range for Partner Roles
BUS_STATUS_BW_KAPX GP: Extract Structure Status for Business Partner(s)
BUS_TEXT_BW SAP GP: Extraction Structure for GP Texts
BUS000_BW SAP GP: Extraction Structure for BUT000
BUS050_BW BW Extraction: Enhanced BUT050
BUS0BK_BW SAP GP: Extraction Structure for BUT0BK
BUS0CC_BW SAP GP: Extraction Structure for BUT0CC


SAP Package BUPA_EXT contains 2 programs.

BUEXT_ADDRESS_EXTRACTION SAP Bus. Partner: Standard Address/Address-Indep. Comm. Data for BW
BUPA_STATUS_CRM_KAPX_UPDATE Transfer Status Extraction in PI_BASIS to Package CRM_KAPX