SAP Package BZB

R/3 Central Application Development: Subseq. Screen Proc.

The package BZB (R/3 Central Application Development: Subseq. Screen Proc.) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Package BZB
Short Text R/3 Central Application Development: Subseq. Screen Proc.
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package BZB contains 4 function groups.

TAXI Tab control: Services
TAXV Tab control: Maintenance (generated)
V00A Next screen control: Maint. (generated)
V00F Next screen control: Trace


SAP Package BZB contains 1 transactions.

VFBS Next screen control

Database Tables

SAP Package BZB contains 10 database tables.

T185 Screen sequence control: Paths between processing locations
T185D Screen Control: Dialog
T185E Screen Control Control: Development Support
T185F Screen Control: Function Codes
T185T Screen Sequence Control: Dialogs: Texts
T185V Screen sequence control: Processing location(s)
T185W Screen Sequence Control: Processing Locations: Texts
TAXITABS Tab control: Dyn. tab label control table
TAXITABSTXT Tab control: Tab label for table TAXITABS
TKKPA Screen Sequence Control Path


SAP Package BZB contains 6 views.

V_T185 Next screen process. T185: Path between processing locations
V_T185D Next screen processing T185D: Dialogs
V_T185E Next screen processing T185E: Development support
V_T185F Next screen processing T185F: Function codes
V_T185V Next screen processing T185V: Processing locations
V_TAXITABS Tab control: Tab labelling


SAP Package BZB contains 10 structures.

R185 Help Fields for MSTT185
R185D Work Area for Dialog Control of Screen Sequence
R185F Help Fields for MSTT185F
R185V Help Fields for MSTT185V
RV00F Help Fields for SAPLV00F
TAXI_FCODE_SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe and convert Taxi Fcodes
TAXI_INACTIVE_FCODES Inactive function code table record declaration
TAXI_PARAMS TAXI function module parameter type declaration
TAXI_TABSTRIP FM int. aux. struct., ident. to tab control
TAXI_TABSTRIP_CAPTIONS Tab control label record


SAP Package BZB contains 1 programs.

RVV00F00 Consistency Check of Control Tables for Subsequent Screens

Message Classes

SAP Package BZB contains 1 message classes.

V0 Nachrichten Folgebildsteuerung