SAP Package CACS00

ICM: Kernel Package

The package CACS00 (ICM: Kernel Package) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS20.

Technical Information

Package CACS00
Short Text ICM: Kernel Package
Parent Package CACS20

Embedded Packages

SAP Package CACS00 contains 19 embedded packages.

CACS00_IB EMPTY Commissions: Inbound Interface & Buffer/Pending Cases
CACS00_INTERIM EMPTY FS-CS: Generation Templates
CACSCB ICM: Contract Bundle 'Light'
CACSCC ICM: Commission Case 'Light'
CACSCG ICM: Customizing & Generation
CACSCT ICM: Commission Contract 'Light'
CACSCU ICM: General Delivery Customizing & Profiles
CACSDO ICM: Commission Document 'Light'
CACSEXIT00 ICM: Exits, In Particular Generation Templates
CACSFM ICM: Determination Methods
CACSGP ICM: Enhancements to Central Business Partner
CACSPD ICM: Implementation for PD-ORG
CACSPY ICM: Distribution & Offsetting
CACSSA ICM: Segment Assignment
CACSTF ICM: Tools for ICM Framework
CACSTR ICM: Additional Commission Case
CACSVC EMPTY Commissions: Valuation, Remuneration & Distribution
R3E_BCS_ICM BC Set Activation Switch for EA-ICM