ICM: Application Administration

The package CACSAPPL (ICM: Application Administration) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS10.

Technical Information

Short Text ICM: Application Administration
Parent Package CACS10

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 4 function groups.

CACS_APPL Commissions: Applications
CACS_APPLCL Commission Applications
CACS_APPLDEF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_APPLNEW Commn Applications: General Information


SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 2 transactions.

CACS_APPL_SET Call Report cacs_appl_set
CACSNEWAPPL Create New Commission Application

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 4 database tables.

TCACS_APPL_T Name of Commission Applications
TCACS_APPLCL Assignment of Commission Applications to Clients
TCACS_APPLDEF All Commission Applications
TCACS_APPLMAP Bijective Display of APPL to Other IDs


SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 3 views.

V_TCACS_APPL2 Commission Application with Short Text
V_TCACS_APPLCL Settings for Application-to-Client Assignment
V_TCACS_APPLDEF All Commission Applications


SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 2 programs.

CACS_APPL_SET Selection of Current Commission Application
CACS_CREATE_APPL Create New Commission Application

Search Helps

SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 2 search helps.

CACS_APPL_ADM Commission Applications for Cross-Client Administration
CACS_APPLCL Commission Applications for SY-MANDT

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSAPPL contains 1 message classes.

CACSAPPL Allgemeine Nachrichten zu Provisionsanwendungen