ICM: Commission Contract 'Light'

The package CACSCT (ICM: Commission Contract 'Light') is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS00.

Technical Information

Package CACSCT
Short Text ICM: Commission Contract 'Light'
Parent Package CACS00

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSCT contains 22 function groups.

CACS_ARCHIVE_LINK Archive Link Connection
CACS_CHG_REASON Reason for Changing Commission Contract
CACS_CHK_BP_CTRT Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_COMPVERSCTRT Version Comparison in Commission Contrct
CACS_CONTRACTC Commission Cont. Maint. in BDT Technique
CACS_CONTRACTC_AT Other tools for Contract Maintenance
CACS_CONTRACTC_TOOLS Commn Contract: Tools and Read Modules
CACS_CONTRACTCD Comn Cont: Maintenance Without Dialog
CACS_CSC_CORR Commission Contr.: Correspondence (BDT)
CACS_CSC_LIA Comm Contract: Liability Agreement (BDT)
CACS_CSC_REPR Commn Contract: Perf-Rel. Remun. (BDT)
CACS_CSC_SEAS Commn Contr.: Segment Assignment (BDT)
CACS_CSC_VAL Commission Contract: Valuation (BDT)
CACS_EXT_CC Commission Contract Interfaces
CACS_EXT_INTERFACES Commissions: RFC Interface Modules
CACS_FIELDCHANGES Commission Contract: Field Changes
CACS_MD_INTERFACE Interface FMs for Master Data
CACS_OCCUPIE Staff Assignment
CACS_REPVB Check/Correct Contract Agreements
CACS_RGRPAD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CACS_TAKE_POSITION Staffing assignment


SAP Package CACSCT contains 41 transactions.

CACS_CSC0001 CSC Control: Applications
CACS_CSC0002 CSC Control: Field Groups
CACS_CSC0003 CSC Control: Views
CACS_CSC0004 CSC Control: Sections
CACS_CSC0005 CSC Control: Screens
CACS_CSC0006 CSC Control: Screen Sequences
CACS_CSC0007 CSC Control: Events
CACS_CSC0008 CSC Control: GUI Standard Functions
CACS_CSC0009 CSC Control: GUI Additionl Functions
CACS_CSC0010 CSC Control: Search Helps
CACS_CSC0011 CSC Control: Assign ScrFld->DB Field
CACS_CSC0012 CSC Control: Field Grouping Criteria
CACS_CSC0013 CSC Control: Role Types
CACS_CSC0014 CSC Control: Role Type Grouping
CACS_CSC0015 CSC Control: Application Transaction
CACS_CSC0016 CSC Control: Tables
CACS_CSC0017 CSC Control: External Applications
CACS_CSC0019 CSC Control: FGroupng Activ.Control
CACS_CSC0023 CSC Control: Datasets
CACS_CSC0100 CSC Cust.: Field Grouping Activity
CACS_CSC0103 CSC-Cust: Field Groups for Author.
CACS_CSC0104 CSC Cust.: Screen Configuration
CACS_CSC0105 CSC Cust.: Field Grouping Ext. Appl.
CACS_CSCBDLSET CSB-Cust: More Settings...
CACS_CSCCHGRS CSC-Cust: Field Grouping Cont Type
CACS_CSCCNR CSC CUST: Number Range for Contract
CACS_CSCCTRTP CSC-Cust: Field Grouping Cont Type
CACS_CSCCTRTP1 CSC Cust: Contract Type
CACS_CSCCVGRP CSC Cust.: Def. of Grp for Vers Comp
CACS_CSCCVHDB CSC Cust.: Reg. Obj for Versn Comp.
CACS_CSCCVHDL CSC Cust.: Reg. Obj for Versn Comp.
CACS_CSCCVOGRP CSC Cust.: Grouping for Versn Comp.
CACS_CSCDELPV CSC-Cust:FM to delete parked version
CACS_CSCFLDCH CSC-Cust: Special Processing Fields
CACS_CSCNRRCT CSC Cust.: Assign Number Ranges
CACS_CSCOTPOS CSC-Cust: FM for Importing Items
CACS_SE_43_CTR CACS Area Menu (Contract)
CACSMD101 Create Commission Contract
CACSMD102 Change Commission Contract
CACSMD103 Display Commission Contract

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSCT contains 9 database tables.

CACS_BUCAGR Commission: Agreement Bundle
CACS_CTBU_WA Work Regions for Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTBU Commission Contract
CACS_CTRTCORR Commission: Assignment of Correspondence Types to Contract
TCACS_BPCTRT Assignment Table for Business Partner and Contract
TCACS_CTRCH Reason for Changing Contract
TCACS_CTRCHT Reason for Changing Contract
TCACS_RGRPAD Fields for Sorting Rule Group - Administration
TCACS_RGRPUS Fields for Sorting Rule Group - Users


SAP Package CACSCT contains 7 views.

MCACS_P Generated Code for Matchcode ID Contract
V_CACS_TB031_CSC View of TB031 for Application Object Commission Contract
V_TCACS_BPCTRT Assignment Table Maintenance - Bus.Partner and Contract Type
V_TCACS_CTRCH Reason for Changing Contract
V_TCACS_RGRPAD Fields for Sorting Rule Group - Administration
VV_BPCTRT_AKT View Variant of V_TCACS_BPCTRT Active Versions
VV_BPCTRT_ALL View Variant of V_TCACS_BPCTRT All Versions


SAP Package CACSCT contains 68 structures.

CACS_BUCAGR_NEW_LINE Agreement number, screen structure
CACS_CSC_CTRTST Standard Contracts with Effective Validity Period
CACS_CSC_FILTERID Filter for More Than One Standard Contract
CACS_CSC_ROLES Roles for More than One Standard Contract
CACS_S_AGRROL Fields for Participation Agreement (or in BDT)
CACS_S_ALLCBDL_DI Contract Bundle Assignment: Compare Table CACS_ALLCBDL (DI)
CACS_S_ALLOC_VERS Assignment of Subobjects with Different Versions
CACS_S_BDTD Screen or Work Fields for Commission Contract
CACS_S_BUCAGR_D Agreement Bundle, for BDT Display
CACS_S_BUCAGR_DI Compare Table CACS_BUCAGR, Direct Input
CACS_S_BUCAGR_NRS Agreement Bundle: Assign temporary numbers <-> final numbers
CACS_S_BUCAGR_UPDT Like CACS_BUCAGR table plus status information
CACS_S_BUPA_EVALPM Commission Contract Data with Existence Indicator
CACS_S_BUS_ADDRESS Commission Contract Partner - Address Data
CACS_S_CACSROLE Structure for Participation Roles
CACS_S_CONTR_UPDT Such As The CACS_CONTR Table, plus Status Information
CACS_S_COREX_D Ext. Communication, for BDT Display
CACS_S_CORRDB Structure: Fields for Correspondence Maintenance in ComnCont
CACS_S_CSC Identical copy of CACS_CTRTBU only as a structure
CACS_S_CSC_DI Commission Contract: Transfer Structure (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CSC_DI_EXT Comn Contract: Direct Input Transfer Structure (Int.Program)
CACS_S_CSC_DI2 Comn Contract: Direct Input, Header Record (Record Type 2)
CACS_S_CSCDIINIT Commission Contract: Initial Data (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CSCHDR_DI Commission Contract: Header Data (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CTCOREX_DI Commission Contract: See Table CACS_CTCOREX (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CTCOREX_UPDT Such as Table CACS_CTCOREX, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_CTRTBU Contract Information
CACS_S_CTRTBU_DI Commission Contract: See Table cacs_ctrtbu (Direct Input)
CACS_S_CTRTBU_EVALPM Contract Information
CACS_S_CTRTBU_ID_S Structure for Contract
CACS_S_CTRTBU_INFO Data on Commission Contract
CACS_S_CTRTBU_UPDT As with Table CACS_CTRTBU, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_CTRTCORR_UPDT As with Table CACS_CTRTCORR, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_CTRTPAR_D Individual, contract participation for BDT display.
CACS_S_CTRTPAR_DI Compare with CACS_CTRTPAR Table, Direct Input
CACS_S_CTRTPAR_UPDT Like the CACS_CTRTPAR Table, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_HRVPADIC_UPDT DB View 'HRVPADIC' plus status information
CACS_S_ORG_O_S Position and Organizational Unit for CACS
CACS_S_ORGDATA_O_S Position, Organizational Unit and Start Date for CACS
CACS_S_PREDEF Structure for Parked Contracts
CACS_S_REM_INFO Remuneration Type for Agreement
CACS_S_REMARU_UPDT As with Table CACS_REMARU, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_REMRU_D Flat Rate Remuneration Rule, for BDT Presentation
CACS_S_REMUN_AGREEMENT Remuneration Agreements
CACS_S_RESRULE_UPDT As with Table CACS_WARRU, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_RGROUP_LOSF Functions (log.Serv)
CACS_S_RGRPAD Fields for Sorting Rule Group - Administration
CACS_S_RGRPFN Field Names for Rule Group
CACS_S_RGRPSC Key Fields For Rule Group with Priorities
CACS_S_RGRPUS Fields for Sorting Rule Group - Users
CACS_S_SEGAGR_D Agreement for Assignment of Segments for BDT Display
CACS_S_STMRU_D Settlement Agreement, for BDT Presentation
CACS_S_STMRU_DI See Table CACS_STMRU (Direct Input)
CACS_S_STMRU_UPDT As with Table CACS_STMRU, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_STRERU_D Standard Agreement for Flat-Rate Remun. - Data (no Version)
CACS_S_STSTMRU_D Standard Settlement Agreement: Data (No Version)
CACS_S_STWARRU_D Standard Guarantee Agreement - Data (No Version)
CACS_S_TRIGCAS_D Ruling for Trigger of Add. Commission Cases, for BDT Display
CACS_S_TRIGCAS_UPDT As with Table CACS_TRIGCAS, Plus Status Information
CACS_S_WARRU_D Guarantee Agreement, for BDT Presentation
CACS_S_WARRU_DI See Table CACS_WARRU, Direct Input
CACS_S_WARRU_UPDT As with Table CACS_WARRU, Plus Status Information
F16I Structure with 16 Counters for Analyzing 16-Level Tree


SAP Package CACSCT contains 4 programs.

CACS_CSC_DEL_PARKED_VERS Report for Deleting Parked Versions in Commission Contract
CACS_END_CTRT_EFF Effective Ending of Legally Ended Commission Contracts

Search Helps

SAP Package CACSCT contains 5 search helps.

CACS Commission Contract
CACS_REP Commission Contracts with Parked Version
CACSA Commission Contracts with Parked Version
CACSA_REP Commission Contracts with Parked Version
CACSP Active Contracts