ICM: Determination Methods

The package CACSFM (ICM: Determination Methods) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CACS00.

Technical Information

Package CACSFM
Short Text ICM: Determination Methods
Parent Package CACS00

Function Groups

SAP Package CACSFM contains 5 function groups.

CACS_COMB Combin. Assignmt for Commission Contract
CACS_CONTRACTFEM Determination Algorithms for Contracts
CACS_CONTRACTFEM_GEN Determination - Generic and Breakdown
CACS_SELTAB01 Enhanced Table Maint. (Generated+Obsol.)

Database Tables

SAP Package CACSFM contains 3 database tables.

CACS_CASSGN Combination Assignment for Commission Contract
CACS_COMB Combination
CACS00_SELTAB01 Selection Table CACS00_SELTAB01


SAP Package CACSFM contains 7 views.

CACS00_VSTAB01 Maintenance View for CACS00_SELTAB01
V_CACS_CASSGN Settings for Combination Allocation for Commission Contract
V_CACS_COMB Settings for Combinations
VV_CACS_CASSGN View Variants of V_CACS_CASSGN Active Versions
VV_CACS_CASSGN2 View Variants of V_CACS_CASSGN All Versions
VV_CACS_COMB View Variants of V_CACS_COMB Active Versions
VV_CACS_COMB2 View Variants of V_CACS_COMB All Versions


SAP Package CACSFM contains 7 structures.

CACS_S_COMBTP_ID Structure: Characteristics Combination Type
CACS_S_DET_RES Results Structure for Determination
CACS_S_DET_RESX Extended Results Structure for Determination
CACS_S_PLSELID Indicator: Multiple Selection (with Selection Tabs)
CACS_S_SEL_ID Structure: Selection Number
CACS00_S_SELTAB01_D Data Fields for Selection Table
CACS00_S_SELTAB01_K Key Fields for Selection Table

Message Classes

SAP Package CACSFM contains 1 message classes.

CACSFM Nachrichten zur Findung