SAP Package CAPP

Master Data Selection: BOM/Work Plan/Recipe

The package CAPP (Master Data Selection: BOM/Work Plan/Recipe) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-APO.

Technical Information

Package CAPP
Short Text Master Data Selection: BOM/Work Plan/Recipe
Parent Package PI-APO

Function Groups

SAP Package CAPP contains 2 function groups.

CABM Selection of BOMs
CARO Routing Read


SAP Package CAPP contains 8 structures.

CAPP_BOM Data for BOM Header
CAPP_COM Data for Component Assignments
CAPP_ITM Data for BOM Item
CAPP_MTK Data for Material Plan Assignment
CAPP_OPR Process data
CAPP_REL Relationships
CAPP_SEQ Data for Sequences
CAPP_TSK Data for Plans