SAP Package CAVE

CIF APO Sales Enhancements

The package CAVE (CIF APO Sales Enhancements) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-APO.

Technical Information

Package CAVE
Short Text CIF APO Sales Enhancements
Parent Package PI-APO

Function Groups

SAP Package CAVE contains 3 function groups.

CAVE CIF APO Sales Enhancements
CAVR CIF APO Sales Enhance. for Delta Report
RAPO R/3 APO Correction Report

Database Tables

SAP Package CAVE contains 1 database tables.

APODELTA ATP: POSGUID Copied to a Second R/3 System


SAP Package CAVE contains 4 structures.

CAVE_SLDOC CAVE: Document Items (Similar to /SAPAPO/SLDOC)
PIATPCS_RET Sales Requirements After Backorder Processing (ATPCS_RET)
PIBOPXVBEP APO Backorder Processing: Scheduled Dates (Copy BOP_XVBEP)
SDORDER_STR Comparison Structure for SD Order Table Fields

Message Classes

SAP Package CAVE contains 1 message classes.

CAVE CIF APO Verkauf Erweiterungen