Variable Object Identifiers

The package CBZID (Variable Object Identifiers) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CBZID
Short Text Variable Object Identifiers
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CBZID contains 3 function groups.

BCID Customizing: Variable Identifier
BZID Central Tools for Variable ID
BZID_CONV Conversion Exit for Variable Object ID

Database Tables

SAP Package CBZID contains 10 database tables.

CONT01_MARA Container Table for Material Master
CONT02_STPO Container Table for BOM Item
CONT03_EKPO Container Table for Purchase Order Item
CONT04_RSADD Container Table for Reservation Appendix
CONT05_DRAW Container Table for Document Information Record
CONT06_PFOLDER Container Table for Product Folder (CM)
CUST02 Table for Determining the Characteristics of the ID Group
CUST03 Table for Determining General Characteristics
TCVARID Table for Storing Variable ID Types
USERSET Table for Storing User-Specific Settings


SAP Package CBZID contains 3 views.

V_CUST02 Define General Characteristics of Variable ID Type
V_CUST03 Global Configuration for Variable Identification
V_TCVARID Define Types for Variable IDs


SAP Package CBZID contains 3 structures.

APPL_GUID For Storage of Application IDs and GUI-IDs
VAR_ENQ Variable ID Locking Key
VAR_IDENT Variable Identification: Structure Dialog

Message Classes

SAP Package CBZID contains 1 message classes.

MATID Variable Identifikation