SAP Package CC01

Engineering change management enhanced core

The package CC01 (Engineering change management enhanced core) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CC01
Short Text Engineering change management enhanced core
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CC01 contains 12 function groups.

CCBR ECM: Browser modules
CCDC Bills of Material Date Shift
CCDS Engin. Change Mgmt: Decoupling Services
CCHO ECM: Homogeneity Information
CCIS ECM: Information system
CCLI Engin. Change Management: List Modules
CCNO ECH: Change message
CCRE Eng. Change Management: Replication
CCRL ECM: revision level
SECDB Sequence Graph: DB Operations
SECHI Sequence Graph
SECLI Sequence Graph: Basics


SAP Package CC01 contains 1 transactions.

CC07 Engineering Change Mgmt information

Database Tables

SAP Package CC01 contains 2 database tables.

EDGE Relation Between Change Numbers


SAP Package CC01 contains 3 views.

V_EDGE Projection View: Node Info EDGE
V_NODES Projection View: Node Info ENODE
V_VIEW_EDGE Projection View for Maintenance View v_secedge: Node Info


SAP Package CC01 contains 5 structures.

ADMINI Administrative Data
EDGE_DB Link identification
EDGEDATA Node information
NODE_DB Node identification
NODEDATA Node information


SAP Package CC01 contains 6 programs.

RCC00120 Materials for Change Number
RCC00141 Log for BOM Date Shifts
RCC00400 Engineering Change Management: Status Report
RCC00900 Display Homogeneity List
RCC00910 Where-Used List for Leading Change Master Record in Homogeneity List
RCC01000 Change Number Selection

Search Helps

SAP Package CC01 contains 12 search helps.

CC_EQUI_CORE CC: Append Search Help for EQUI from R/3 Core
CC_IFLM_CORE CC: Append Search Help for IFLM from R/3 Core
CC_MAT1_A_CORE CC: Append Search Help for MAT1_A from R/3 Core
CC_MAT1_MPN_CORE CC: Append Search Help for MAT1_MPN from R/3 Core
CC_PD_CORE CC: Append Search Help for PD from R/3 Core
CC_PLKS_CORE CC: Append Search Help for PLKS from R/3 Core
CC_PRPM_CORE CC: Append Search Help for PRPM from R/3 Core
CC_PRST_CORE CC: Append Search Help for PRST from R/3 Core
CC_STLAN_CORE Append search help for BOM usage from R/3 core
CC_VBELN_CORE Append search help for sales order from R/3 core
CC_VBPOS_CORE Append search helpf for sales order item from R/3 core
CC_WERKS_CORE Append search help for plant from R/3 core