SAP Package CCMA

Customer Interaction Center Components

The package CCMA (Customer Interaction Center Components) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CCMA
Short Text Customer Interaction Center Components
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CCMA contains 18 function groups.

CCM_ABOX_NEWMODE Trigger ABox trans in new mode
CCM11 HR view component
CCM14 Application Area Component
CCM15 Wrapping for BORaccess from ABAP classes
CCM16 implementation of BOR class SAP0002
CCM17 Navigation Area Component
CCM17A Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CCM18 Hidden Auto Call Component
CCM2_HIDDEN_ACTION_BOX Hidden ActionBox component
CCM8 Hidden Information Stores
CCM80 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CCM9 Activity Logging
CCMC Archiving function group
CCME Online BDC driver routines
CCMIFIMPL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CCMOP BOR Access for Object Provider Service
CCMOPC Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CCMA contains 12 transactions.

CIC7 Maintain Scripting Profile
CICAA Callback Queue Maintenance
CICAB Callback Queue Assignment
CICAM Assignment of Visible Components
CICV CTI Queue Maintenance
CICW CTI Queue Assignment Maintenance
CICX Component Container Maintenance
CICY CTI Administration
CICZ DNIS mapping
EWFC1 Action Config. for HTML Operation
RCCMREP04 Agent Profile Report
RCCMREP07 Document Flow Report

Database Tables

SAP Package CCMA contains 44 database tables.

CACCEL Online BDC transaction accelerator definition
CCM_NAVAR_VIEWT CCM Navigation Area Tab Text
CCM_NAVAREA CCM Navigation Area Profile
CCM_NAVAREA_VIEW CCM Navigation Area: Tab
CCM_NAVAREAT CCM Navigation Area Profile
CCM_NAVVIEW CCM Navigation Area Profile
CCM_NAVVIEWT CCM Navigation Area Profile
CCM_OPCLASSTYPE Object Provider Service: Class type definition
CCM_OPCLASSTYPET Object Provider Service: Class type definition
CCM_OPFACTORY Object Provider Service: Class definition
CCMACTIONOBJ Assign transactions to object types - usage restriction
CCMAUTHPROF Call center authentication attributes
CCMCCONT Component container configuration
CCMCCONT_T CCM Component Container Text
CCMCTIADMIN CTI Administration/Policy
CCMHTMLPAR CIC HTML configuration: external parameters
CCMHTMLPARI CIC HTML configuration: parameter for internal calls
CCMHTMLPARIT CIC HTML configuration: Text for internal parameters
CCMHTMLPART CIC HTML configuration: text for external parameters
CCMIFIMPL Classes that implement different modules of the CIC
CCMIFIMPLNEW Implementaion of Interfaces in CIC environment
CDESTBDCFIELD Online BDC value destination map
CDESTPID Online BDC parameter-id preset destination
CIMAP Input Sequence for BDC Sessions
COMAP Online BDC output mapping from message table to container
CSRCCONSTANT Online BDC constant value source map
CSRCCONTAINER Online BDC container value source map
CSRCFCALL Online BDC function call value source map
EBACONTXT Call Context
EBACONTXTT Call Context - Text Table
EBAPRES Object Presentation: SAP Standard
EBAPRESC Object Presentation: Customer Definitions
EWFCAL Front Office Call
EWFCALT Front Office Call: Text
EWFCON Front Office Configuration
EWFCONT Front Office Configuration: Text
EWFFND Front Office Configuation Determination
EWFGRU Front Office Call Group
EWFGRUT Front Office Call Group: Text
EWFPAR Front Office Configuration: Call Parameter
EWFPART Front Office Configuration: Call Parameter: Text
EWFTRA Front Office Call: Data Flow


SAP Package CCMA contains 30 views.

H_SWOTDV_M Methods for an Object Type
MEWFCON Visible Action Box configurations
V_CCM_NAVAR_VIEW CCM Navigation Area Tab
V_CCMAC Activities in the Customer Interaction Center
V_CCMACTPROF Profile for Logging Activities
V_CCMADKEY Detail Keys for Activities in the CIC
V_CCMCCPROF Call Center Profile
V_CCMCSCONF Profile for Contact Data Finder
V_CCMCSEARCH Assignment of Search Types to Contact Search Profile
V_CCMCSEARCHMAP Mapping of Search Attributes
V_CCMCTIADMIN CTI Administration
V_CCMCTIBKEY CTI Telephony Control Buttons
V_CCMCTIPROF Profile for Telephony Controls
V_CCMCTIQUEUEA CTI Queue Assignment Maintenance
V_CCMDNIS DNIS text maintenance
V_CCMHTMLPAR CIC HTML configuration: external parameters
V_CCMHTMLPARI CIC HTML configuration: internal parameters
V_CCMSCRPROF Profile for Scripting Activities
V_CCMSCRPROFILE Scripting Profile
V_CCMSCRTEXTS Assign Scripting Texts
V_CCMSCRVAR Scripting Variables
V_CIMAP Input Sequence for BDC Sessions
V_EWFCAL Front Office Configuration: Calls
V_EWFCON Front Office Configuration
V_EWFGRU Front Office Configuration: Call Groups
V_EWFPAR Front Office Configuration: Parameters
V_EWFTRA Front Office Configuration: Data Flow Definitions


SAP Package CCMA contains 63 structures.

CCM_BUTTON_ATTRIBUTES Attributes of button
CCM_HTMLOPD CIC HTML operation: customizing data part
CCM_MTREEITM Tree Control Item For Report SAPTREV*
CCM_NAV_AREA_CHANGED_NODES Changed Nodes of a Navigation Tree
CCM_NAV_AREA_TREE_COLUMN Navigation area: Tree column
CCM_NAV_AREA_TREE_HHDR Navigation area: Tree hierarchy header
CCM_NAV_AREA_TREE_ITEM Navigation area: Tree item
CCM_NAV_AREA_TREE_NODE Navigation area: Tree node
CCM_NAV_COLUMN_SYNC Synchronization structure for navigation tree columns
CCM_NAV_ITEM_SYNC Synchronization structure for navigation tree items
CCM_NAV_NODE Navigation node (properties plus father node)
CCM_NAV_NODE_SYNC Synchronization structure for navigation tree nodes
CCM_OP_ATTRIBUTE Object Provider Attribute Description Structure
CCM_OP_RELATION Object Provider Attribute Description Structure
CCM_TAB_ATTRIBUTES Attributes of button
CCM_TAB_PROPERTIES Properties of a tab (of a tabstrip)
CCM_WORKSPACE_CALLBACK Action callback workspace manager
CCMACTIONOBJS Screen: Assign actions to object types - usage restriction
CCMHTMLPAGED CIC: HTML page configuration data
CCMHTMLPARE CIC HTML configuration parameter data extended
CCMSEARCHSTRUC Work structure for contact search and display
CICSEARCH Search Result
CPIDLIST List of parameter-ids and values
EBA_CHDAT Creation and Change Data
EBA_RANGES Structure for Select Options (Generic)
EBACLUST Cluster Structure for Shared Buffer
EBACOLOR Color Definition for BOR Objects
EBAGEN Reference Fields for Development Class EEBA
EBASELLIST Selection List Structure
EWBCCPID Generic Process ID (WF, FO Process) for CCPROC.Create
EWBMETHEXC Holds Data For Method Exception
EWBPROCL Explicit Key for Process Classes
EWBPROCLX Generic Front Office Process Class ID
EWCELEM Definition of a Container Element
EWCOMOBJ1 Interface for front office screen....
EWCOMOBJIF CCM FO Component Object Interface Structure
EWCPAR Definition of a Container Parameter
EWCPARD Definition for Container Parameter: Data Part
EWCPART Definition of a Container Parameter With Description
EWCPARTD Definition for Container Param. with Description (Data Part)
EWCPARTS Container Element Definition (Screen Data)
EWCPROCD Front Office Process: Data Part
EWCPROCT Front Office Process With Language-Dependent Part
EWCTRA Data Flow Definition
EWCTRAD Definition for Data Flow (Data Part)
EWCTRAK Definition for Data Flow (Key Part)
EWCTRANS Screen Fields: Data Flow Maintenance
EWCTYPE Cat. Description of a Container Element
EWCVALUE Long Value (Anonymous Structure) for FM Interfaces
EWFCALD Front Office Workbench: Call (Data Part)
EWFCALS Front Office Call: Text
EWFCOND Front Office Workbench: Configuration (Data Part)
EWFCONS Front Office Configuration: Screen Data
EWFFNDTRAC Search Log Entry for Finder Method for Front Office
EWFGRUD Front Office Workbench: Call Group (Data Part)
EWFGRUS Front Office Call Group (Screen Structure)
EWFPARS Front Office Configuration: Screen Data
EWFTRANS Screen Fields: Data Flow Maintenance
EWOXTDISP Scr. Fields for Xtainer Display


SAP Package CCMA contains 9 programs.

CCM_DEL_GE_DYNPRO_ALL Delete all CIC-generated parameter dialogs
CIC_SET_RESTART_TIME Set time after which CIC0 should be restarted again
RCCM_WF_NEWMODE Start WFs in new mode
RCCMREP03 CCM Agent Activity Report
RCCMREP05 CCM Agent Profile Summary
RCCMREP06 Call Center Management Profile/Framework Detail Report
RCCMREP07 Display Document Flow

Search Helps

SAP Package CCMA contains 5 search helps.

CCMDNIS_H DNIS help display
EH_DD03L Search Help Reference Field
EWF_CONFIG_ACTIONBOX Action Box configuration
EWF_CONFIG_HTML_OP Action Box configuration
H_SWOTDV_M Methods for a business object

Message Classes

SAP Package CCMA contains 1 message classes.

CCM_WORKSPACE CIC Workspacemanager