CFM Analyzers: Key Figure Management

The package CFM_AFWKF (CFM Analyzers: Key Figure Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Short Text CFM Analyzers: Key Figure Management
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 10 function groups.

0AFWKF_DIAG Key Figures: Generated Maint. Dialogs
AFWKF_ACCESS Access Functions
AFWKF_AIMP After-Import Key Figures
AFWKF_CATE_HIERARCHY Key Figure Categories and Hierachies
AFWKF_MAIN Edit Key Figures and Evaluation Proc.
AFWKF_MAP B00-Based Key Fig. Check and Assignment
AFWKF_MD_REPORTING Master Data Reporting for RDB
AFWKF_SERVICES Services for Key Figure Processing
AFWKF_SHOW ALV Display for Key Figures
AFWKF_UPDATE Write Modules for Key Figures


SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 3 transactions.

AFWKF_MD Master Data Reporting for RDB
AFWKF_PA Key Figures and Eval. Procedures
AFWKF_RA Key Figures and Eval. Procedures

Database Tables

SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 9 database tables.

AFWKF_CATE Key Figure Category
AFWKF_CATE_MVAL Multiple-Value Key Figure Categories
AFWKF_CATE_MVALT Multiple-Value Key Figure Categories (Text Tables)
AFWKF_CATET Key Figure Category (Text Table)
AFWKF_DEFIN Key Figure Definition (General Part)
AFWKF_DEFINT Key Figure Definition (Text Table)
AFWKF_KB0 Key Figure Definition: Attribution of NPV Basis
AFWKF_KB0_H Key Fig. Definition: Attributes for NPV Basis (Attrib.Table)
AFWKF_MAIN_SUBSC Subscreens for Maintaining Key Figures and Procedures


SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 3 views.

V_AFWKF_CATE Key Figures: Maintain Key Figure Categories
V_AFWKF_F4 Search Help View for a Key Figure with a Specified Analyzer
V_AFWKF_KB0 Key Figures: NPV Basis (Abstract)


SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 24 structures.

AFWKF_CATE_ATTR Attributes for Key Figure Category
AFWKF_CATE_HIER Key Figure Category Hierarchy
AFWKF_EP1EP2KF_DETAILS Structure for Key Figures and Evaluation Procedure
AFWKF_FRACTION Structure for a Fraction (Numerator, Denominator)
AFWKF_KEYFIG_HIER Key Figure Hierarchy
AFWKF_KF_F4_HELP Structure for F4 Help for Key Figures
AFWKF_KF_TC Display Unassigned Key Figures in Table Control
AFWKF_KFBASE Assignment of Key Fig. to Process/Key Figure Mgmt in RA/PA
AFWKF_KFBF Assignment of Key Figure to Basic Key Figure
AFWKF_KFBF_DETAILS Assignment of Key Figure to Basic Key Figure
AFWKF_KFBFBF Assignment Key Fig.-Base Key Fig.-Base Key Fig. 2-Currency
AFWKF_KFCATEGORY Key Figure Category
AFWKF_KFCHILDREN Key Figures Dependent on Another Key Figure
AFWKF_KFCOMPLETED Key Figures Extended to a 'Line'
AFWKF_KFINTERVALS Assignment of Key Figure to Time Interval
AFWKF_KFPATH Assignment of Key Fig./Cat. to Path Along Cat. Hierarchy
AFWKF_KFREF Assignment of Key Figure to Object Reference
AFWKF_KFVALUE Differentiation of Valued Fin. Objects (Value + Currency)
AFWKF_MAIN_ACT Default Probability: Input Parameters for KFs and Eval.Proc.
AFWKF_MAIN_TC Display of Portfolio Hierarchies in Table Control
AFWKF_TREEITEM Tree Control: Structure TREEV_ITEM + TEXT Field of Length 72


SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 1 programs.

RAFWKF_MD_SHOW Monitor: Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures

Search Helps

SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 1 search helps.

S_AFWKF_KEYFIG Key Figure for Fixed Application

Message Classes

SAP Package CFM_AFWKF contains 1 message classes.

MAFWKF Analyzer Framework: Nachrichten zu Kennzahlen