Project Planning - General Functions

The package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS (Project Planning - General Functions) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Short Text Project Planning - General Functions
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS contains 5 function groups.

CGPL_ARCHIVING Project Planning: Archiving Class CGPL
CGPL_SERVICES CGPL Project Planning: Service Modules
CGPL_UPDATE Project Planning: Update Modules
CGPL_USROPT Project Planning: User Settings

Database Tables

SAP Package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS contains 8 database tables.

CGPL_APPLICATION Project Planning - Applications
CGPL_ARCH_IDX Project Planning: Index of Archived Projects
CGPL_ASGTYPES Project Planning: Assignment Type Supported by Application
CGPL_CM_SETTINGS General Project Planning: Settings for Document Management
CGPL_OBJHIER Project Planning - Object Type Hierarchy Relationship
CGPL_OBJTYPES Project Planning Object Types
CGPL_USROPT Project Planning - Classes for User Settings
CGPLT_OPT_INDX Project Planning: User-Specific Options


SAP Package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS contains 2 views.

V_CGPL_TEXT Project Plan - Project ID, Language-Dependent Name
V_CGPL_TEXT_T Project Planning - Task ID, Language-Dependent Name


SAP Package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS contains 12 structures.

CGPL_MESSAGE_CONTEXT Structure for Message Context in Application Log
CGPL_OBJECT_RELATION Object Relationship - Lower-Level Objects
CGPL_OBJECTTEXT Project Planning - Object Type Text
CGPL_OBJTYPES_S Project Planning - Structure via CGPL_OBJECT_TYPE
CGPL_PREFETCH_OBJECT Structure for Prefetch of Assignment Objects
CGPL_SCHEDULE_ATTRIBUTES Project Planning: Attributes for Scheduling
CGPL_SCHEDULE_NODE Project Planning: Node Structure for Scheduling
CGPL_SCHEDULING_MESSAGE Message for Node Scheduling
CGPL_STAT_TXT Auxiliary Structure for Status Display
CGPLT_REPID_DYNNR_LINE Project Planning: Program and Screen Number
CGPLT_TAB_TITLE Project Planning: Title of Tab Stribs for Options
CGPLT_USER_OPTIONS_LINE Project Planning: User Settings


SAP Package CGPL_GENERIC_FUNCTIONS contains 1 programs.

CGPL_CHANGE_OPTIONS Default for User-Specific Settings