SAP Package CH

Specification system

The package CH (Specification system) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CH
Short Text Specification system
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CH contains 4 function groups.

CHCU Specification system: Customizing
CHPV Specification system: Maintenance views
CHSB Specification system: Service modules
CHVB Spezification system: Posting


SAP Package CH contains 3 transactions.

CHPV1 Spec.Syst: Assignment class template
SPEC01 Specification system: Edit template
SPEC02 Specification system: Edit datasheet

Database Tables

SAP Package CH contains 5 database tables.

KLFB Assignment: Class to template
TCH01 Specification system: control data
TCH02 Specification system: Profile for unit of measure conversion
TCH02T Specification system: Text for conversion profiles
TCHUS Specification system: user-specific values


SAP Package CH contains 3 views.

V_KLFB Assignment of classe to template
V_TCH01 Specification system - Control data
V_TCH02 Conversion profile for unit of measure


SAP Package CH contains 2 structures.

KLFBB Assingment: Class to template - Document table
UNIT_VALUES_STRUCT Structure for function module CH_CONVERT_UNITS


SAP Package CH contains 1 programs.

SAPMCH01 Specification system

Search Helps

SAP Package CH contains 1 search helps.

H_PROF Find help for profiles in unit conversion

Message Classes

SAP Package CH contains 1 message classes.

SPEC Spezifikationssystem: Nachrichtenklasse

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CH contains 1 authorization objects.

C_SPEC_BGR Specification system: Authorization object