SAP Package CIFA

CIF: Composite Package for Application Add-Ons

The package CIFA (CIF: Composite Package for Application Add-Ons) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-APO.

Technical Information

Package CIFA
Short Text CIF: Composite Package for Application Add-Ons
Parent Package PI-APO

Function Groups

SAP Package CIFA contains 5 function groups.

CAPA Capacity APO
CMSF Interface for Consumption Values
MBAP Stock Interface Core <--> APO
SHLF Shelf Life
VMIX VMI Extension for OLTP Sys. <4.5 to APO


SAP Package CIFA contains 19 structures.

CRAPO Transfer Structure 'Capacities' R/3 ==> APO Resources
CRARBPLRAN Ranges Structure Work Center
CRCAPA_TLO_DATA APO Interface for Capacity
CRCAPA_TLO_HEAD Capacity with Time Zone and ISO Unit
CRVERANRAN Ranges Structure Work Center
CRVERWERAN Ranges Structure Work Center
CRWERKSRAN Ranges Structure Work Center
MATPFIELD Product Allocation: Characteristic Catalog
MBSTOCKKEY List with Keys for APO Stock Selection
MCBRCHA BCO: Ranges Structure for Batch Selection
MCBRCUS BCO: Ranges Structure for Customer Selection
MCBRLIF BCO: Ranges Structure for Vendor Selection
MCBRPOS BCO: Ranges Structure for SD Document Item Selection
MCBRPSP BCO: Ranges Structure for Project Selection
MCBRSOB BCO: Ranges Structure for Special Stock ID Selection
MCBRVBE BCO: Ranges Structure for SD Document Selection
MQUO_VBAPO Product Allocation:Product Allocation Contents from Document
PMOD_RANGE Range for Forecast Model: (PRMOD in Table PROP)


SAP Package CIFA contains 1 programs.

RSL_UTCMINMAX_MAINTAIN Edit Variant Functions for Shelf Life