SAP Package CKJ4

Price Update (Product Costing)

The package CKJ4 (Price Update (Product Costing)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CKJ4
Short Text Price Update (Product Costing)
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CKJ4 contains 4 function groups.

CKFR Release of Std Cost Estimates Mat. Ledg.
CKOR Organizational Measure
CKSO Price Update of Other Prices
CKVO Allow Marking/Release + Marking


SAP Package CKJ4 contains 4 transactions.

CHECK_ANCHOR Inconsistency Check:MK -MatMstr-CoEs
CK22 Organizational Measure
CK24 Price Update with Cost Estimate
CKU1 Update Material Price

Database Tables

SAP Package CKJ4 contains 1 database tables.

FVMK Marking File for Release of Std Cost Est in Company Code


SAP Package CKJ4 contains 13 structures.

ANCHOR_FUT_CURR_PREV Anchor for future, current and previous periods
CKILIST01 Transfer Structure: Individ.marking -> Collect.marking CK66
CKIPRICESUPDATE Fields for Price Update
LIST_OF_MARKING Information about marked standard cost estimates
LIST_OF_ORG_MEASURES Information about marked standard cost estimates
LIST_OF_OTHER_PRICES Price Update: List of Other Prices
LIST_OF_RELEASING Information about Released Standard Cost Estimates
MACK4_EXTENDED Costing view extended by material number and valuation area
MAT_ERROR_EXP Standard cost estimates with errors
MAT_EXP Released materials
MAT_IMP Table for materials to be released
MESSAGE_COUNTER Counter for messages in respect of marking/release
PRICES Prices calculated in material ledger for marking


SAP Package CKJ4 contains 5 programs.

SAPRCK23 Price Update
SAPRCK66 Costing Run for Material: Mark Standard Cost Estimate in Material
SAPRCK68 Costing Run for Material: Release Standard Cost Estimate in Material
SAPRCKAN Output of Material Master Anchor in the 3 Valuations