Claim Management

The package CLAIM (Claim Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CLAIM
Short Text Claim Management
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CLAIM contains 7 function groups.

CLAIM_ARCHIV Claim Archiving
CLAIMWF Claims - Workflow
CLM01 Claim Management Central Maintenance
CLM02 Claim Management: Initial Screen
CLM03 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CLM06 Costing
CLM13 Claim Partner


SAP Package CLAIM contains 8 transactions.

CLM1 Create Claim
CLM10 Claim Overview
CLM11 Claim Hierarchy
CLM2 Change Claim
CLM3 Display Claim
OCLM1 Task Customizing
OCLM2 Claim Field Selection: General
OCM9 Fill Partner Roles for Header Scrns

Database Tables

SAP Package CLAIM contains 1 database tables.

PRCLAIM Codes for Claim Long Texts


SAP Package CLAIM contains 11 views.

BIW_CLAIM Claim Extraction for the Business Information Warehouse
BIW_CLAIMT Text Extraction for BW
M_CMGEN General Claim Selection
M_CMKU Generated View for Matchcode ID QMEL -K
M_CMLF Generated View for Matchcode ID QMEL -E
M_CMPROJ Generated View for Matchcode ID QMEL -P
M_CMTEXT Generated View for Matchcode ID QMEL -T
U_16000 Claim
V_CLAIM_PRP View for claim_prp Search Tool
V_PRCLM01 Codes for Claim Long Texts
V_TQ80_CM Partner


SAP Package CLAIM contains 9 structures.

BAPI7050 BAPI Claim Header
CLAIM Claim Management Data (Additional to Data in QMEL)
CLAIM_IS1 Reporting Structure for CLAIMIS1
CLAIM_MANAGEMENT Additional Claim Management Data
RCLAIM001 Reporting Structure for Claim Info System
RCLAIM001SEL Selection Screen Search Help Coordination
RCLAIM002 Output Table for Program RCLAIM002
RCLAIM003 Reporting Structure for Claim Info System
RCLM_01 Fields in Claim Header Record for Subsequent Activities


SAP Package CLAIM contains 11 programs.

CLAIMUD01 Print Claims
RCLAIM001 Flat Claim List
RCLAIM002 Hierarchy Claim List - Activities
RQARCCM3 Add Archiving Indicator to Closed Claim
RQARCCMA Claim: Generate Archive File
RQARCCMD Claim: Delete Archived Records
RQARCCMS Claim: Display Content of Archive File
RQARCCMV Claim: Add Archiving Indicator to Notifications Flagged for Deletion
SAPMCLAIM Reference Docus/Object, Assessment, Execution, Costs, Status Object

Search Helps

SAP Package CLAIM contains 6 search helps.

CMGEN General Claim Selection
CMKU Claims Relating to a Customer
CMLF Claims Relating to a Vendor
CMNR Search Tool for Claims
CMPROJ Claims for Project
CMTEXT Claims for Short Text

Message Classes

SAP Package CLAIM contains 1 message classes.

CLAIM Nachrichten Claim Management