SAP Package CLEX

Special Classification System Functions -Classes-

The package CLEX (Special Classification System Functions -Classes-) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CLEX
Short Text Special Classification System Functions -Classes-
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CLEX contains 17 function groups.

CBCM Classification Subscreens
CLCC Read Batches for Classification
CLCH Classification: Batch Conversion
CLCO Classification: Existence of Objects
CLEX Access Classes from External Systems
CLEX_BOM Access to BOMs
CLEX_CU Accesses to Variant Configuration
CLEX_CV Document Mgmt and Classification
CLEX_PDM PDM Functions for Classification
CLEX1 External Classification System Functions
CLEX2 BOM Functions for Classification
CLFC Classification System Functions
CLINDEX Access to External Search Engine
CLKK Classification: KKRAMERK
CLSQ Maintain Table Structures and Functions
CTME Help Funct. for Char./Value/Class/Prof.
CTME1 Help Funct. for Char./Value/Class/Prof.


SAP Package CLEX contains 21 transactions.

CL6E Copy DIN Standard
CL6F Copy DIN Characteristic Data
CL6G Create Material w. DIN Char. Data
CL6P Where-Used List for Classes
CLW1 Allocate Material Group Hierarchy
CLW2 Display Material Group Hierarchy
CLWA Create Material Group (MMS)
CLWB Change Material Group (MMS)
CLWC Display Material Group (MMS)
CLWD Delete Material Group (MMS)
CLWE Create Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWF Change Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWG Display Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWH Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS)
CLWJ Change Generic Article (MMS)
CLWK Display Generic article (MMS)
CLWL Delete Generic Article (MMS)
CLWM Create MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWN Change MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWO Display MMS Material Group Hierarchy
CLWP Delete MMS Material Group Hierarchy


SAP Package CLEX contains 9 structures.

RCUD5 IO Fields for Program SAPLCUD5
RMCLX Classification: INCLUDE table for RMCLF and RMCBC
SI_CSITEMID Auxiliary Structure for CSITEMID (Componentization)
SI_HIER_BLOCK Help Structure for HIER_BLOCK (Componentization)
SI_HIERARCHY Help Structure for HIERARCHY (Componentization)
SI_OBJECT_KEYFIELDS Help Structure for OBJECT_KEYFIELDS (Componentization)
SI_RMCLD Dependent Foreign Key Fields RMCLD
SI_RMCLX Include for Structure RMCLX and RMCLY (Classification)
SI_RMMME Help Structure for RMMME (Componentization)


SAP Package CLEX contains 5 programs.

RCCLAPRE AUSP Repair: Redundant Reference Characteristics with Conversion
RCCLREOB Classification: Insert New Redundant Ref. Characteristics in Class
RMCLDINU Copy DIN Standard
RMCLWUMS Material Group Conversion