The package CMS_CORE_ANL (Analysis) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Short Text Analysis
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 21 function groups.

CMS_ANL_MASTER_DATA Get data from the Core
CMS_ANL_UI_CALC_PRES Presentation of Calculation Results
CMS_ANL_UI_OVR User Interface layer for ANL- Overview
CMS_API_ANL_CALC API Layer for Calculations (Analysis)
CMS_API_ANL_CON API Layer for Constellation
CMS_API_ANL_CON_LV1 API Layer for first Level constellation
CMS_API_ANL_CS API Layer for Collateral sheet
CMS_API_AST_CALC Asset related Calculations
CMS_API_BP_OVR API Layer for Business Partner Overview
CMS_API_CAG_CALC Calculations of CAG Values
CMS_BCM_CGP_PP CMS: Batch Coll.Cov.Gap Monitoring PPr
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CALC OBJ Layer: Calculations (Analysis)
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CON OBJ Layer: Building Constellation
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CON_AST_CHG OBJ Layer : Constellation - Asset & Chgs
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CON_CAG OBJ Layer:Constellation CAG
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CON_CAG_RBL OBJ Layer:Constellation Rbl&Cag-rbl link
CMS_OBJ_ANL_CON_LV1 OBJ Layer for first Level constellation
CMS_OBJ_BP_OVR OBJ Layer for Business Partner Overview
CMS_UI_BP_OVR UI layer for Business Partner Overview
CMS_VIEW_ANL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 10 transactions.

CMS_BCM Coverage gap monitoring
CMS_BCM_ACG_DISPLAY Display BCM Res. with Appr. Cov. Gap
CMS_BCM_DEL Delete Coverage gap results
CMS_BCM_DISPLAY Display BCM results for Specific Run
CMS_CALC Collateral Calculations
CMS_CS Collateral Sheet
CMS_OVER Collateral Overview
S_PLN_06000351 CMS-Batch Collateral coverage gap mo
S_PLN_06000352 Collateral coverage gap display
S_PLN_06000353 Deletion of coverage gap results

Database Tables

SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 8 database tables.

CMS_BCM_CGP_ADM Admin data of covarage gap monitoring report
CMS_BCM_CGP_RES Coverage gap calculated results-BCM
CMS_BCM_RBL_CGP CMS BCM: Receivables Coverage Gap
CMS_BCM_TMPOBJ CMS BCM: Object List for a BCM Run
CMS_BII_PP_OBFLT CMS-Basel II: Data Extr. Appl Params for Parall.Proc Obj Flt
TCMS_CALC_TYP Calculation type based on relations of agreements
TCMS_CALC_TYP_T Text table for calculation types
TCMS_SMT_FRM Smartform name and related function module


SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 2 views.

V_TCMS_CALC_TYP Calculation type of collateral agreemnts
V_TCMS_SMT_FRM Smart Forms


SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 106 structures.

CMS_STR_ANL_APP_CV_POR Apportioning collateral value to portions of CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_ASS_LENDING_LIMIT Assigned lending limit for the Cag - Ast links
CMS_STR_ANL_AST_CAG_RESULT Calculation Results for the Cag - Ast links
CMS_STR_ANL_AST_RESULT Calculation Results for Asset
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_BACKUP_VAL Backup value of the underlying collateral agreement
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_LENDING_VAL Structure:Calculation of Lending value applicable for a CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_PRIOR_CHG Structure:Calculation of Prior charges applicable for a CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_RBL Analysis:Collateral Agreement - Receivable Link Details
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_RBL_RESULT Calculation results for Cag - Rbl links
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_REQ_VAL Required back up value of Backed collateral agreement
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_RES_BACKUP_VAL Restricted Backup value of underlying collateral agreement
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_RESULT Calculation Results for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_SUM_AST Analysis: Sum of Assets linked to the CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_CAG_SUM_RBL Analysis: Sum of receivables linked to the CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_CALC_PARAM_SCR Selection Criteria for Calculations
CMS_STR_ANL_CALC_REL_ALLOC Calculation result from members to collateral pools/backedup
CMS_STR_ANL_CHG_VALUE Charge for the Cag - Ast links
CMS_STR_ANL_COLL_RIGHT Collateral Right for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_COLL_SHEET_SCR Screen structure for printing Collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_COLL_VALUE Collateral value for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_COV_RATIO Coverage ratio for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_COVERAGE_GAP Coverage gap for Receivables
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_AST_DETAILS Asset details for collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_CAG_DETAILS Collateral agreement details for collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_CAG_REL_DETAILS Collateral agreement details for collateral sheet(relations)
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_CALC_RES_AST Calulation results for asset for collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_CALC_RES_CAG Calculations results for CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_CALC_RES_RBL Receivables Calcultion results for Collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_RBL_BORR_DET Receivables Borrower details
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_RBL_DETAILS Receivable details for Collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_RE_DETAILS Real estate details for collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_REL_AST_DET Asset details related to CAG for Collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_CS_REL_RBL_DET Receivable details related to CAG for Collateral sheet
CMS_STR_ANL_DET_AST_BP Analysis: Asset - Business partner details
CMS_STR_ANL_DET_AST_DOC Analysis: Asset document details
CMS_STR_ANL_DET_CAG_BP Analysis: CAG - Business partner details
CMS_STR_ANL_DET_CAG_DOC Analysis: CAG - Document details
CMS_STR_ANL_DET_RBL_BP Analysis: RBL - Business partner details
CMS_STR_ANL_DETAILS_AST Analysis : Required Asset details
CMS_STR_ANL_DETAILS_CAG Analysis: Required CAG details
CMS_STR_ANL_DETAILS_RBL Analyis: Required RBL details
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_CV_RBL Distribution of Collateral value to receivables
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_CV_REL Distribution of Collateral value to receivables
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_CV_REL_RESULT Distribution of Collateral Value to relations :Result
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_CV_RESULT Distribution of Collateral Value : Result structure
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_LR_CAG Distribution of Lending Ranges of AST to CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_DIST_LR_RESULT Calculation Results for the Cag - Ast links
CMS_STR_ANL_FREE_COLL Free collaterals for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_INT_COLL_VALUE Intermediate structure for Collateral Value
CMS_STR_ANL_INT_DIST_CV_REL Intermediate structure for distribution of CV to relations
CMS_STR_ANL_INT_DIST_CV_RESULT Intermediate structure to hold distribution results
CMS_STR_ANL_LENDING_LMT_AST Lending Limit for Asset
CMS_STR_ANL_LENDING_LMT_GRT Lending limit for Guarantee
CMS_STR_ANL_LENDING_RANGE Lending Range for Asset
CMS_STR_ANL_LENDING_VAL_AST Lending value for Asset
CMS_STR_ANL_LENDING_VAL_GRT Lending value for Guarantees
CMS_STR_ANL_LTOV_RATIO_CAG Loan to value ratio with reference to CAG
CMS_STR_ANL_LTOV_RATIO_PR Loan to value ratio with reference to Prior charges
CMS_STR_ANL_LTOV_RATIO_RBL Loan to value ratio with reference to RBL
CMS_STR_ANL_NOM_VALUE Assessment Value for Collateral Agreements
CMS_STR_ANL_OVR_CALC_SCR Selection screen structure for Overview and Calc.display
CMS_STR_ANL_PRES_CALC_RESULT Analysis : Presentation of calculations results structure
CMS_STR_ANL_PRIOR_CHGS Prior Charge for the Cag - Ast links
CMS_STR_ANL_RBL_RESULT Selection Criteria for Calculations
CMS_STR_ANL_RBL_RISK_AMT Analysis: Receivables Risk Amount for calculations
CMS_STR_ANL_RBL_SECURED_AMT Analysis: Derive Receivable secured amount
CMS_STR_ANL_SAS_DETAILS Sub-asset details (API layer and above)
CMS_STR_AST_CALC Consolidated calculations results asset
CMS_STR_AST_MAS_CALC calculations results of main asset (header only)
CMS_STR_AST_SAS_CALC calculations results of the subassets
CMS_STR_BCM_ACG_BP_RESULT Receivables of a Bupa with Approved Coverage Gap
CMS_STR_BCM_APPL_LOG_OBJ CMS BCM: Application Log Object
CMS_STR_BCM_APPL_LOGH CMS BCM: Application log object handle
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP Calculated coverage gap results-BCM
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_BP Business partners details
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_HIST Coverage gap monitoring history
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_PP_APPL_PARAM BCM Coverage Gap Monitoring Application Parameters for PPr
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_PP_PCK_APL_PAR CMS BCM Coverage Gap: PPr Appl.- Specific Package Data
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_RESULTS Coverage gap results-BCM CGP
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_SEL_PARAM Selection parameters of BCM coverage gap analysis
CMS_STR_BCM_CGP_SELECTION CMS BCM: Selection Criteria Range Resolution
CMS_STR_BCM_RBL_CGP CMS BCM: Last monitored Coverage Gap for Recivables
CMS_STR_BCM_RBL_CGP_RES CMS BCM: Receivable Coverage Gap Result
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_AST_DET Assets details required for Bupa overview
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_AST_DET_SCR Assets details required for Bupa overview -Screen
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_AST_SAS_DET Sub asset details required for Bupa overview
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_BP_CALC Calculations relevant for a Business Partner
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_CAG_DET CAG details required for Bupa overview
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_CAG_DET_SCR CAG details required for Bupa overview-Screen
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_CAG_POR_DET Portiion details required for Bupa overview
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_DET_RBL_BP BuPa Overview: RBL - Business partner details
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_DISP_FIELDS Fields for the Bupa overview ALV tree display
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_RBL_BP_DET BuPa Overview: RBL - Business partner details
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_RBL_DET Receivable details required for Bupa overview
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_RBL_DET_SCR Receivable details required for Bupa overview-Screen
CMS_STR_BP_OVR_SCR Fields for display in the Bupa overview
CMS_STR_CON Constellation data
CMS_STR_CON_CALC Calculations for a constellation
CMS_STR_OVR_DET_AST_BP Collateral Overview: Asset - Business partner details
CMS_STR_OVR_DET_AST_DOC Collateral Overview: Asset document details
CMS_STR_OVR_DET_CAG_BP Collateral Overview: CAG - Business partner details
CMS_STR_OVR_DET_CAG_DOC Collateral Overview: CAG - Document details
CMS_STR_OVR_DET_RBL_BP Collateral Overivew: RBL - Business partner details
CMS_STR_OVR_DETAILS_AST Collateral Overview : Required Asset details
CMS_STR_OVR_DETAILS_CAG Collateral Overview : Required CAG details
CMS_STR_OVR_DETAILS_RBL Collateral Overview: Required RBL details


SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 8 programs.

RCMS_BCM_CGP CMS-Batch Collateral coverage gap monitoring
RCMS_BCM_CGP_ACG_DISPLAY Display Coverage Gap Results with Approved Coverage Gap
RCMS_BCM_CGP_DEL Deletion of coverage gap results
RCMS_BCM_CGP_DISPLAY Display Collateral Coverage gap monitoring results for a Specific Run
RCMS_BCM_CGP_PP CMS-Batch Collateral coverage gap monitoring

Search Helps

SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 2 search helps.

CMS_BCM_CGP_ID Search help for batch collateral monitoring run id
CMS_SMT_FRM Smartform Name

Message Classes

SAP Package CMS_CORE_ANL contains 8 message classes.

CMS_ANL_BCM CMS Batch Collateral Monitoring
CMS_ANL_CALC Message class for Calculations (Collateral Analysis)
CMS_ANL_CONSTN Message class for Building Constellation
CMS_ANL_DATA Message class for the fetching master data for analysis
CMS_ANL_OVERVIEW Message class for Collateral Overview
CMS_ANL_PRES_CALC Message class for Presentation of calculation results
CMS_BP_OVR Messages for Business Partner Overview