Finance Object

The package CMS_FOB (Finance Object) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package CMS_FOB
Short Text Finance Object
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 7 function groups.

CMS_API_CUS_FOB Financed object customizing
CMS_API_FOB API Layer for Financed objects
CMS_DB_FOB Database layer for financed objects
CMS_MAP_FOB MAPI layer for Financed objects
CMS_OBJ_FOB Object layer for Financed objects
CMS_VIEW_FOB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)

Database Tables

SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 2 database tables.

CMS_FOB Financed object details
TCMS_FOB_TYP Financed object: Asset type - Product id relationship


SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 2 views.

V_CMS_AST_FOB_SH Asset - Financed object
V_TCMS_FOB_TYP Financed object: Asset type - Product id relationship


SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 13 structures.

CMS_STR_FOB Financed object details (Without Mandt)
CMS_STR_FOB_CRT_MAP Financed objects details for create (Only for MAPI layer)
CMS_STR_FOB_DATA Financed object data
CMS_STR_FOB_DEL Financed objects identified for deletion
CMS_STR_FOB_LKY Financed object link key
CMS_STR_FOB_LKY_LOCK Lock the Financed object on the semantic key (With MANDT)
CMS_STR_FOB_LOCK Lock the Financed object on the primary key
CMS_STR_FOB_LOCK_BY_LKY Lock the financed object on the link keys
CMS_STR_FOB_OBJ Financed object details (Without Mandt)
CMS_STR_FOB_PKY Primary key for CMS_FOB
CMS_STR_FOB_TYP Financed object type
CMS_STR_FOB_TYP_PKY Primary key for table TCMS_FOB_TYP
VCMS_FOB Change Document Structure, Generated by RSSCD000

Search Helps

SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 1 search helps.

CMS_SRCH_AST_FOB Financed object

Message Classes

SAP Package CMS_FOB contains 2 message classes.

CMS_CUS_FOB Financed object customizing
CMS_FOB Asset as Financed objects