SAP Package CN_MAT

Material for the project

The package CN_MAT (Material for the project) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CN_MAT
Short Text Material for the project
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CN_MAT contains 4 function groups.

CN10 PDM-PS interface
CNAD Address Main. for 3rd-Party Orders in PS
CNIP PDM-PS interface
CNWB Data collection/checking in WBS


SAP Package CN_MAT contains 19 transactions.

CN26 Display Mat.Comp/Init: Ntwk,Acty,Itm
CN26N Display Mat. Components (From DMS)
CN33 PDM-PS interface
CN34 Maintain release table TCNRL
CN35 Control stock / account assignment
CN36 BOM Transfer Profile
CN37 BOM Allocation Field Selection
CN38 Maintain Flexible Reference Point
CNL2 Change delivery information
CNL3 Display delivery information
NWTM Monitoring Network Dates
NWTM01 Date type maintenance
NWTM02 Maintain ref. fields f. date types
NWTM03 Maintain date status
NWTM04 Edit profile for monitoring dates
NWTM05 Edit role for monitoring dates
NWTM06 Edit Assignment of User to Role
OPMF Field Selection - BOM Transfer
OPT1 Maintain PS Transaction Types

Database Tables

SAP Package CN_MAT contains 16 database tables.

LFINF Delivery information Project System
LFINFX Assignment delivery information to Project System objects
RCNIP03 Specification of data fields for reference field
RSADD Additional fields for reservation
RSDBS Index of purchasing documents for individual customer stock
RSPSP Index: Reservations for WBS elements/Sales order items
TCNIF Assembly item/WBS element assignment BOM transfer
TCNIFP Profile for BOM transfer
TCNIFPT Language Dependent Text for BOM Transfer Profile
TCNIP Reference field for PDM-PS allocation
TCNIP01 Control stock/account assignment for interface EBOM/PS
TCNIPT Language-dependent texts for reference field
TCNMF Material flow in the network
TCNMFT Language dependent text table for TCNMF
TCNRFP Reference Point for BOM transfer
TCNRFPT Language Dependent Description of Reference Point


SAP Package CN_MAT contains 9 structures.

BOMMAT BOM header data
CN10_RES Reservation and Order Data for CN33
CN10_RESBD CN10: Component Data Structure for BOM Transfer
CN10_TOOL CN33: Analysis tool
CNSTPOX Structure for BOM/PS interface
NET_TAB CN10: Network Information for BOM Transfer
RCNBOM Parameters for External Call of BOM Transfer
RCNIP01 Selection criteria for BOM allocation to PS
RCNIP02 Priorities of component account/stock assignment