SAP Package CNVL

R/3 Application development: Variable lists

The package CNVL (R/3 Application development: Variable lists) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CNVL
Short Text R/3 Application development: Variable lists
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CNVL contains 2 function groups.

0CNL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CNVL Variable lists


SAP Package CNVL contains 3 transactions.

CNVL Variable Overviews
OPU8 Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys.
OPU9 Overview Variant: Item Line

Database Tables

SAP Package CNVL contains 13 database tables.

TCNVA Variable overviews: Applications
TCNVAT Variable overviews: Texts for applications
TCNVD Variable overviews: Data fields
TCNVDT Variable overviews: Data field texts
TCNVF Variable overviews: Displayed fields
TCNVFT Variable overviews: Texts for displayed fields
TCNVL Variable overviews: List versions
TCNVLT Variable overviews: Texts for list variants
TCNVO Variable overviews: Objects
TCNVOT Variable overviews: Texts for objects
TCNVS Variable overviews: Sub-applications
TCNVST Variable overviews: Texts for sub-applications
TCNVZ Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines)


SAP Package CNVL contains 14 views.

H_TCNVA Variable Overviews: Applications
H_TCNVD Variable Overviews: Data Fields
H_TCNVF Variable Overviews: Displayed Fields
H_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants
H_TCNVO Variable Overviews: Objects
H_TCNVS Variable Overviews: Sub-applications
H_TCNVZ Variable Overviews: Displayed Objects (lines)
V_TCNVA Variable Overviews: Applications
V_TCNVD Variable Overviews: Data Fields
V_TCNVF Variable Overviews: Displayed Fields
V_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants
V_TCNVO Variable Overviews: Objects
V_TCNVS Variable Overviews: Sub-applications
V_TCNVZ Variable Overviews: Displayed Objects (lines)


SAP Package CNVL contains 2 structures.

CNVL_LINE_INFO Information About Current Lines
TCNVF_1 Variable Overviews: Displayed Fields + Additional Data


SAP Package CNVL contains 2 programs.

RCNVL000 Variable lists: Auxiliary report
SAPM0CNL Variable Overviews: Call View Cluster Maintenance

Search Helps

SAP Package CNVL contains 7 search helps.

H_TCNVA Variable overviews: Applications
H_TCNVD Variable overviews: Data fields
H_TCNVF Variable overviews: Displayed fields
H_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants
H_TCNVO Variable overviews: Objects
H_TCNVS Variable overviews: Sub-applications
H_TCNVZ Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines)