Failure Cost Processing

The package CO_OBJ_FCO (Failure Cost Processing) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CO_OBJ.

Technical Information

Package CO_OBJ_FCO
Short Text Failure Cost Processing
Parent Package CO_OBJ

Function Groups

SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 12 function groups.

CO_OBJ_FCO_CK Failure Cost Calculation
FCO_ACTIVATION Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FCO_COCKPIT_REWORK Failure Cost Cockpit Rework
FCO_DOCUMENT Documents for Failure Cost Processing
FCO_DOCUMENT_READ Read Modules for Failure Cost Documents
FCO_GET_CUSTOMIZING Read Customizing for Failure Cost Proc.
FCO_REPORTING Reporting for Failure Cost Cockpit
FCO_RM_SCREENS Provision of Subscreens for FCO
FCO_SETTINGS Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FCO_UTILITIES Help Functions for Failure Cost Proc.
FCO_VALUATION Valuation of Failure Cost Documents


SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 16 transactions.

FCOACTIV Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCOACTIV_REM Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCOACTIV_SFC Activate Failure Cost Processing
FCODOC Display Failure Cost Documents
FCOEX Start Additional Expense Posting
FCOMENU Menu Tree for Failure Costs
FCOREP_EXCESS Additional Expense in FCO
FCOREP_NOTIF Quality Notification in FCO
FCOREP_RESPCC Responsible Cost Center
FCOREP_REW Rework in Failure Cost Processing
FCOREP_REWCO Rework Costs in Failure Cost Proc.
FCOREP_SCRAP Scrap Costs in Failure Cost Proc.
FCOSETTINGS Settings in Failure Cost Processing
FCOST Start Failure Cost Processing
FCOVALU Valuation of Failure Cost Documents
OPR4_FCO Collective Processing: Variances

Database Tables

SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 4 database tables.

FCO_ACTIVE Activation of Failure Cost Processing
FCO_DOC_HEAD Failure Cost Document Header
FCO_DOC_POS Failure Cost Document Item
FCO_SETTINGS Settings for Failure Cost Processing


SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 3 views.

FCO_DOC_VIEW Failure Cost Documents
V_FCO_ACTIVE Activate Failure Cost Processing
V_FCO_SETTINGS Settings for Failure Cost Processing


SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 44 structures.

FCO_ACC_OBJ_DATA Return Structure Account Assignment Object (BADI)
FCO_ACT_DOC_NUMBER_MAPPING Mapping Document Nos. Outward Transfer Doc. - Activity Doc.
FCO_BELNR_RANGE Range for Failure Cost Documents
FCO_BELNR_S Structure with Document Number
FCO_COMPTAB_VALUATION Interface for FCO Valuation
FCO_COST_OBJECT_DETERMINATION Determine Acct Assignment Object Rework/Additional Expense
FCO_DOC_ACT Transfer Structure for Activity Document Line FCO
FCO_DOC_ITEM Transfer Structure for Component Document Line FCO
FCO_DOC_POSLIST Document Header with Item List as Deep Structure
FCO_DOCUMENT Document Display (with Document Numbers)
FCO_EXCESS_POSTING Screen Structure for Additional Expense Posting
FCO_OBJ Object ID for Message Control in Failure Cost Cockpit
FCO_QMNUM_RANGE Range for Quality Notification
FCO_REASON_RANGE Range for Variance Reason
FCO_REP_TIME_SELECTION Time Selection for Failure Cost Processing Reporting
FCO_REPORT Structure for Reporting - Failure Cost Documents
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_COMP Reporting for Failure Costs: Component/Activity Attributes
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_DOCUMENT Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Document Attributes
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_MAT Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Material Attributes
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_OPERATION Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Operation Attributes
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_REASON Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Cause/Respons. Attribu
FCO_REPORT_ATTR_TIME Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Message Attributes
FCO_REPORT_FIG_ASS_VALUE Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Values on Doc. Header
FCO_REPORT_FIG_ASSEMBLY Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Assembly Key Figures
FCO_REPORT_FIG_ITEM Reporting for Failure Cost Documents: Item Key Figures
FCO_REPORT_HEAD Reporting for Failure Cost Document Header
FCO_REPORT_SELECTION Selection for Reports FCO
FCO_RESPCC_RANGE Range for Responsible Cost Center
FCO_REWORK Append with Rework Quantity
FCO_REWORK_CEZP Append with Rework Quantity for CeZP
FCO_REWORK_CHZP Append with Rework Quantity for CHZP
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT Structure for Rework Cockpit
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_ACTIVITY Structure for Activity Entry
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_COMPONENTS Structure for Component Entry
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_HEADER_ACT Header Structure for BAPI Transfer of Activities
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_HEADER_COMP Header Structure for BAPI Transfer of Components
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_ITEMS_ACT Document Items - Activities
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_ITEMS_COMP Document Items - Components
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_LERF Structure for Activity Entry
FCO_REWORK_COCKPIT_REWORKLIST Structure for Rework List in Failure Cost Cockpit
FCO_SEL Range Table with Field Name
FCO_TYPE_S Structure for Document Category


SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 13 programs.

COFCODOCDEL Failure Cost Document: Delete Program
COFCODOCWRI Failure Cost Document: Write Program
RFCODOCUMENT Display Failure Cost Documents
RFCOMENU Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_EXCESS Report for Additional Expenses in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_NOTIF Report: Quality Notification in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_RESPCC Responsible Cost Center Report in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_REW Rework Report in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_REWCOST Rework Costs in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOREPORT_SCRAP Scrap Costs Report in Failure Cost Processing
RFCOSELECTION Template for Document Selection
RFCOVALUATION Valuation of Failure Cost Documents

Message Classes

SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 1 message classes.

FCO Nachrichten zur Fehlerkostenabwicklung FCO

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CO_OBJ_FCO contains 1 authorization objects.

K_FCO CO-PC: Failure Cost Processing