Reposting for Controlling Integration

The package COINT_TP (Reposting for Controlling Integration) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CRM-COM.

Technical Information

Package COINT_TP
Short Text Reposting for Controlling Integration
Parent Package PI-CRM-COM

Function Groups

SAP Package COINT_TP contains 4 function groups.

COINT_TP Controlling Integration: Reposting
COINT_TP_MAINT CO Integration: Reposting Table Maint.
IAOM_TRANSP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
IAOM_TRFER Controlling Integration: Reposting


SAP Package COINT_TP contains 6 transactions.

COINT_TP Controlling Integration: Reposting
COINT_TP_CUST CO Integration: Link to Customizing
COINT_TP_MAINT CO Integration: Reposting Maint.
COINT_TP_MAINT_S CO Integration: Reposting Maint.
COINT_TP_S CO Integr.: Reposting - Indiv. Procg
VCTP Maintain Allocation Structure

Database Tables

SAP Package COINT_TP contains 3 database tables.

COINT_TKB6TP Controlling Integration: Account Determination for Reposting
COINT_TPOST_HD Controlling Integration: Reposting: Header Data
COINT_TPOST_IT Controlling Integration: Reposting: Line Items


SAP Package COINT_TP contains 1 views.

V_COINT_TKB6TP Allocation Structure: Reposting Cost Elements


SAP Package COINT_TP contains 6 structures.

COINT_GUID IDs of External Objects
COINT_TP_BREQREF Billing Request and Reference
COINT_TP_CHANGE1 Mass Change Structure: Tab Index 1
COINT_TP_CHANGE2 Mass Change Structure: Tab Index 2
COINT_TPOST_COST Transfer Structure: Costs
COINT_TPOST_REV Transfer Structure: Revenues


SAP Package COINT_TP contains 3 programs.

COINT_TP_CUST_SHOW CO Integration: Reposting - Link to Customizing
RKAUKOU2 Reposting: Internal Orders
RKAUKOU2COWL Reposting: Worklist of Internal Orders

Search Helps

SAP Package COINT_TP contains 2 search helps.

TP_EO F4 Profitability Segment
TP_REC Search Help: Reposting Receiver

Message Classes

SAP Package COINT_TP contains 1 message classes.

TPOST CO-Integration, Umbuchung