Data Cleansing Tool: Prototype RFW Usage

The package COM_CLEARING2 (Data Cleansing Tool: Prototype RFW Usage) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package ABA.

Technical Information

Short Text Data Cleansing Tool: Prototype RFW Usage
Parent Package ABA

Function Groups

SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 5 function groups.

COM_CLEAR_LOCA_PROVIDE Providing Locator f.Data Cleansing Cases
COM_CLEAR_LOCATOR_USE Data Cleansing: Inclusion of Locator
COM_CLEAR_PROCESS Data Cleansing Process
COM_CLEAR_RFW Data Cleansing: FM for RFW
COM_CLEAR_SERVICES General Service Functions


SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 3 transactions.

CLEAR Start Data Cleansing Tool
CLEAR_INT Start Data Cleansing Tool (Internal)
CLEAR_INT2 Data Cleansing: Direct


SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 5 structures.

COM_CLEAR_NODE_OC Data Cleansing Tool: Line Structure for TFW Tree (Obj.Class)
COM_CLEAR_NODE_OI Data Cleansing Tool: Structure for RFW Node
COM_CLEAR_OC_DDIC Data Cleansing: Object Class <-> DDIC Structure
COMT_CLEAR_CONTEXT Data Cleansing: Context for Log
COMT_CLEAR_FIELD_VAL Field and Value for Extension of Description


SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 4 programs.

COM_CLEAR_CASE_DELETE Deletion of Data Cleansing Cases
COM_CLEAR_DIRECT_CALL Transaction CLEAR_INT2: Direct Request Data Cleansing
COM_CLEAR_RFW_TEST_GUI Test Prototype RFW for Data Cleansing

Search Helps

SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 8 search helps.

COM_CLEAR_ALL Data Cleansing: Locator Search
COM_CLEAR_ALL_NUMBER Data Cleansing: Search by Case Number
COM_CLEAR_ALL_OBJECT Data Cleansing: Seach by Application Object
COM_CLEAR_ALL_PRIORITY Data Cleansing: Search by Priority
COM_CLEAR_ALL_PROCESSOR Data Cleansing: Search by Processor
COM_CLEAR_ALL_SOURCE Data Cleansing: Search by Source
COM_CLEAR_ALL_TYPE Data Cleansing: Search by Case Type
COM_CLEAR_CASE Data Cleansing: Locator Search

Authorization Objects

SAP Package COM_CLEARING2 contains 1 authorization objects.

B_CLEAR Data Cleansing