SAP Package COM_IL

Object Relationship Service (Interlinkages)

The package COM_IL (Object Relationship Service (Interlinkages)) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package COM_PRODUCT_BASE.

Technical Information

Package COM_IL
Short Text Object Relationship Service (Interlinkages)

Function Groups

SAP Package COM_IL contains 6 function groups.

COM_IL_API API Accesses to Object Relationships
COM_IL_CUST Customizing: Object Relationship Service
COM_IL_CUST_SERVICE Access to Customizing Tables
COM_IL_CUST_VIEW Generated View Maint.for Customiz. Table
COM_IL_DB Database Accesses: Object Relationships
COM_PRWB_PRPR_INIT_TP Product Relnship Template for Generator

Database Tables

SAP Package COM_IL contains 9 database tables.

COMC_IL_ENQUEUE Lock Arguments for Objects in Interlinkages
COMC_IL_OBJTYPE Definition of Object Types for Object Relationships
COMC_IL_OTYPE Definition of Object Types for Object Relationships
COMC_IL_OTYPE_T Description of Object Types for Object Relationships
COMC_IL_RELTYPE Definition of Relationship Types for Object Relationships
COMC_IL_STRUC Structures and Table Types of Relationship Types
COMC_IL_TYPE Determining Relationship Types for Object Relationships
COMC_IL_TYPE_T Relationship Type Description
COMC_IL_TYPE_TXT Relationship Type Description


SAP Package COM_IL contains 8 views.

COMV_IL_OBJTYPE Maintenance View for Object Types
COMV_IL_OTYPE View for Object Type of Relationships (Customizing)
COMV_IL_RELTYPE Maintenance View for Relationship Types
COMV_IL_TYPE Maintenance of Basis Customizing for Relationship Types
COMV_IL_TYPE_T Text Table for Relationship Types
COMV_IL_TYPE_TXT Text Table for Relationship Types
COMVH_IL_OTYPE_T Object Type of a Relship with Description (for Input Help)
COMVH_IL_TYPE_T Relationship Type with Description (for Input Help)


SAP Package COM_IL contains 28 structures.

COMT_IL_ADMIN Administrative Data on a Relationship
COMT_IL_ATTR_COMPLETE Additional Attributes per Relationship Type
COMT_IL_BDATA Basic Data of a Relationship
COMT_IL_DATA Data Storage for a Relationship
COMT_IL_DB Database Structure of Relationships
COMT_IL_ERROR Relationship Where an Error Has Occurred in Processing
COMT_IL_IDENT IDs in a Relationship
COMT_IL_IDENT1 IDs in a Relationship
COMT_IL_KEY Key Fields of a Relationship
COMT_IL_MESSAGE Message Fields for Error Processing
COMT_IL_STRUC_ALL All Structures and Table Types for a Relationship Type
COMT_IL_TYPE Relationship Types: Basis Customizing
COMT_IL_TYPE_T Structure for Text Table of Relationship Types
COMT_IL_TYPE_T_DATA Description for Relationship Type Customizing - Data Part
COMT_IL_TYPE_T_KEY Key of Text Table for Relationship Type Customizing
COMT_IL_TYPEDATA Relationship Types: Basis Customizing
COMT_IL_UPDDATA Application Buffer for Relationships
COMT_IL_UPDKEY Key Information of Changed Relationships
COMT_IL_WA_ATTR Communication Structure for Attributes of a Relationship
COMT_ILC_ADMIN Administrative Data: Last Changed By and Logical System
COMT_ILH_ADMIN Administrative Data for a Relationship in History Table
COMT_ILH_DB Database Structure of Relationships in History Table
COMT_ILH_KEY Key Fields of a Relationship in History Table
CRMT_BSP_APPLOG_MD Structure for application log interface

Search Helps

SAP Package COM_IL contains 5 search helps.

COM_IL_OBJTYPE Object Types in a Relationship Type (Interlinkage)
COM_IL_OBJTYPE_T Object Types in a Relationship Type and Their Description
COM_IL_RELTYPE Search Help for Relationship Type
COM_IL_RELTYPE_BADI Relationship Type
COM_IL_RELTYPE_T Relationship Types and Their Descriptions

Message Classes

SAP Package COM_IL contains 1 message classes.

COM_IL Objektbeziehungen (Interlinkages)

Authorization Objects

SAP Package COM_IL contains 1 authorization objects.

COM_IL Authorization Check for Relationships