Commodity Pricing: Coverages

The package CPE_COV (Commodity Pricing: Coverages) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package PI-CPE-BASIS.

Technical Information

Package CPE_COV
Short Text Commodity Pricing: Coverages
Parent Package PI-CPE-BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package CPE_COV contains 10 function groups.

CPE_COVDIFFPART_DB CPE_D - Coverage Diff. Part. - DB Buffer
CPE_COVDIFFPART_DU CPE_D - Coverage Diff. Partner - DB Upd.
CPE_COVDIFFPART_OB CPE_D - Coverage Diff. Part. - O. Buffer
CPE_COVERAGE_CD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
CPE_COVERAGE_DB CPE_D - Coverage - DB Buffer
CPE_COVERAGE_DU CPE_D - Coverage - DB Update
CPE_COVERAGE_OB CPE_D - Coverage - Object Buffer
CPE_COVHISTORY_DB CPE_D - Coverage History - DB Buffer
CPE_COVHISTORY_DU CPE_D - Coverage History - DB Update
CPE_COVHISTORY_OB CPE_D - Coverage History - Object Buffer

Database Tables

SAP Package CPE_COV contains 5 database tables.

CPEC_COVMOVE Coverage - Movement Reason
CPEC_COVMOVE_T Coverage - Description of Movement Reason
CPED_COVDIFFPART Coverage - Differing Partners
CPED_COVERAGE Coverage - General Master Data
CPED_COVHISTORY Coverage - Data History


SAP Package CPE_COV contains 1 views.

CPEV_COVMOVE Coverage - Movement Reason


SAP Package CPE_COV contains 7 structures.

CPET_COVDIFFPART_KEY Coverage - Key for Differing Partners
CPET_COVDIFFPART_WRK Coverage - Work Structure for Differing Partners
CPET_COVERAGE_WRK Coverage - Work Structure for General Master Data
CPET_COVERAGEGUID Coverage - Structure for GUID of General Master Data
CPET_COVHISTORY_KEY Coverage - Key for Data History
CPET_COVHISTORY_WRK Coverage - Work Structure for Data History
CPET_PARTNERGUID Coverage - Structure for GUID of Business Partner