General Interface Elements for iPPE Engine

The package CPPEGUI (General Interface Elements for iPPE Engine) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CPPE_GUI_ENGINE.

Technical Information

Short Text General Interface Elements for iPPE Engine
Parent Package CPPE_GUI_ENGINE

Function Groups

SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 24 function groups.

CPPEGUI Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
PPEGIENG iPPE Workbench - Navigation
PPEGIWLI iPPE Workbench - Worklist / Favorite
PPEGUIAUTH Authorization Check for Workbench
PPEGUIENG RFC Accesses: iPPE Workbench Prof.
PPESTACK Maintain Stack
PPEU1 Service Functions for iPPE Relationships
PPEUIADMIN Administration Data for iPPE Object
PPEUIASS Application Trees / Lists
PPEUIDEL Delete iPPE Objects
PPEUIEKG Interface Diagnosis Tool
PPEUIENG Graphical Interface Engine
PPEUIHEAD Header Screen iPPE Objects
PPEUILOAD Create/Load iPPE Objects Via Dialog Box
PPEUILOG Display of Appl. Log in iPPE Workbench
PPEUIREL Relationship Screens
PPEUIREP Reports in iPPE Workbench
PPEUITBN Thumbnail
PPEUITXT Node and Variant Texts in the PVS
PVSF4 PVS Search Help Exits
PVSU2 Support GUI Controller / MAP TAB
PVSU4 Support Functions: iPPE/PVS GUI
PVSUIENG Graphical Interface Engine


SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 1 transactions.

OPPE13 User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional

Database Tables

SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 4 database tables.

USRGIFAV iPPE Interface: Favorite
USRGIFOL iPPE Interface: Folder
USRGISETTINGS User Settings for the iPPE Workbench
USRGISTACK iPPE Workbench: Stack


SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 8 views.

V_ALTNUM01 View: Alternatives at Variant - Product Independent
V_ALTNUM02 View: Alternatives at Node - Product Independent
V_POSV01 View Variants (Without Product Class Assignment)
V_POSVID_IDENT View for Variant Identifications
VH_PNODE01 Help View for Node by Type, Class and Processor
VH_PNODE02 Help View for pnode_copy_f4 Structure. Create with Template
VH_PNODE03 Help View for Node by Type, Class and Description
VH_VIEW01 Help View for the View Nodes


SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 46 structures.

ACCESS_DYNP iPPE Access - Dialog Structure
FOLNAME_DYNP Dialog Structure: Folder Name Maintenance
ICON_INFO_DYNP Icon Overview: Navigation Tree - Dialog Structure
PNODE_COPY_F4 Create Help Structure for Search Help Using Template
PNODE_DYNP Display of Node Attributes on the Interface
PNODE_DYNP_AT Display of Node Attributes on the Interface
PNRL_DYNP Node Relationships
POSVIDAENNR Generic Key for Change Status of Variant
PPE_ACCESS_OBJ Loadable / Visible Objects of iPPE Workbench
PPE_ADMIN_DYNP Administration Data of iPPE Object on the Interface
PPE_PXXXID_AENNR_IDENT Structure for Representation of iPPE Objects with AE
PPE_PXXXID_DEL_DYNP Display of Dependent iPPE Objects
PPED_TYPE_NAME Node / Relationship Name
PPED0_CLIPBOARD iPPE Workbench Clipboard
PPED0_COMPONENT Component Structure
PPED0_COMPONENT_CT Component Structure Context Menu
PPED0_DD_BEHAVIOR Drag & Drop Behavior
PPED0_DD_FLAVOR Drag & Drop Flavor
PPED0_EXOBJ_CONNECTED Assigned External Objects
PPED0_EXTENSION_TYPE Height and Width of Screen Elements in iPPE Workbench
PPED0_FCAT_CONTENT Control Structure Field Catalog - General Share
PPED0_OTYPE_DESC Description of iPPE Object Type
PPED0_REP_MAP Mapping Structure for Report Tree
PPED0_TBN_POSITION Object Screen Item in the iPPE Workbench
PPEGI_CTMENU_DISABLE Control Struct. for Construction of Object-Dependent Submenu
PPEGI_CTMENU_DISABLE_OFUNC Control Structure for Structuring Context Menu: Ext. Func.
PPEGI_FCAT iPPE Workbench Field Catalog
PPEGI_FCAT_TECH Dialog Structure for Navigation Tree in iPPE Workbench
PPEGIMAP_CORE Dialog Structure for Navigation Tree - Core Elements
PPETXT_DYNP Screen Structure for Short Text Maintenance
PPETXT_POSVID_DYNP Structure for PVS Component Variant Texts
PPEUIREP_FCAT Report Tree Field Catalog
PROFIL_DYNP Profile Selection: iPPE Workbench - Dialog Structure
PROFILCOPY_DYNP Copy iPPE User Profile - Dialog Structure
PVS_PNAL_RENAME Rename Alternative Segments
PVS_POSV_RENAME Rename Variants
PVSGI_200_FC Field Catalog iPPE Worklist
PVSGI_FC_CI Dialog Structure for Customer Enhancements to Field Catalog
PVSGI_MAP Dialog Structure for Navigation Tree in iPPE Workbench
PVSGI_WL_FC Field Catalog iPPE Worklist
RESOLUTION_DYNP Screen Structure: Resolution
STATUS_DYNP Filter Settings for Component Variant Screen
USRGIPROFIL_DYNP Dialog Structure: User Assignment - iPPE Workbench
USRSETTINGS_DYNP User Settings: Navigation Tree - Dialog Structure

Search Helps

SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 12 search helps.

PPE_ALTNUM00 Search Help for Alternative Number
PVS_ALTNUM01 Alternative Segment Variant
PVS_ALTNUM02 Alternative Segment at Node
PVS_PNODE00 Collective Search Help: PVS Node
PVS_PNODE01 iPPE Object by Type, Class and Processor
PVS_PNODE02 Search Help for Creating with Template (with Node Type)
PVS_PNODE04 iPPE Object by Type, Class and Description
PVS_PNODEK PVS Nodes by Classification
PVS_POSV00 Collective Search Help: PVS Variants
PVS_POSV07 Search Help for Component Variants (Without Product Class)
PVS_POSVID Collective Search Help for Variant Identifications
PVS_POSVID_IDENT Search Help for Variants

Message Classes

SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 2 message classes.

PPEGUI Nachrichten Oberfläche
PPELOAD_POP Nachrichtenklasse zu iPPE-Laden/Anlegen Pop-Up

Authorization Objects

SAP Package CPPEGUI contains 1 authorization objects.

C_PGUI_ADM Berechtigung zur Administration für die iPPE-Workbench