SAP Package CRDT

Downtime of the Resource

The package CRDT (Downtime of the Resource) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CRDT
Short Text Downtime of the Resource
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CRDT contains 6 function groups.

CADA Calculate Date
DTCO Collect Downtime
DTDE Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
DTSH Downtime Schema
DTTX Downtime Text
REDT Enter Downtime


SAP Package CRDT contains 3 transactions.

CADT Downtime for Capacity Category
DEDT Define Downtime
DTR0 Enter Downtimes

Database Tables

SAP Package CRDT contains 7 database tables.

DT2KAPAR Downtime for Capacity Category
DTCTID Downtime Category ID
DTCTTX Downtime Category Text
DTEFW Downtime Values Entered
DTELID Downtime Element ID
DTELTX Downtime Element Text
DTSCHEMA Downtime Schema


SAP Package CRDT contains 9 views.

ARBPL_DT_AFVC View Operation ID and Standard Value Key for Work Center
AUFK_DT_V View for Orders
DOWNTIME_V View for Downtime Element
DT_BW_V Downtime
DT_TIME_UNIT Time Unit of Measurement
V_DT2KAPAR Downtime for Capacity Category
V_DTCTID Downtime Category
V_DTELID Downtime Element
WRKCP_DT_V Standard Capacity of APLZ for Downtimes


SAP Package CRDT contains 23 structures.

AFVGDT Downtime-Related Information on Operations in Orders
CAPSHIFT Shift Information for the Capacity
CRUSAGE Capacity Load Utilization
DOWNTIME_ALV ALV Structure for Downtimes
DOWNTIME_KEY Downtime Element for the Resource
DSCHEMAPARA Parameter for the Downtime Schema
DTDETAIL Detail Information about Downtimes
DTELTEXT Downtime Text
DTIMEBWS Table for Entering Downtimes
DTINFO Downtime Entered
DTRE4D Table for Entering Downtimes
DTRE4W Table for Entering Downtimes
DTREG Downtime Entered
DTRESR Table for Entering Downtimes
DTSHTEXT Downtime Schema Text
DTTEXT Downtime Text
OBJTRACE Value Range
PARATAB Parameter Table for Function Modules
REDTEL Downtime Element of a Resource
SCHEMAPARA Parameter for the Downtime Schema
STRUC_DTEL Structure Downtime Element for Interface Tree <-> Data Entry
TABLECODE Table Coding


SAP Package CRDT contains 1 programs.

RCRDT001 Copy Standard Settings for Downtime Categories and Elements

Message Classes

SAP Package CRDT contains 1 message classes.

CRDT Downtime der Ressource