SAP Package CRWB

Replication Workbench

The package CRWB (Replication Workbench) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package CRWB_MAIN.

Technical Information

Package CRWB
Short Text Replication Workbench
Parent Package CRWB_MAIN

Function Groups

SAP Package CRWB contains 3 function groups.

CMT_RECLIST Recipient list for folder
CRWB_BTCH Functions for batch processing
CRWBD0 Dialog control Workbench


SAP Package CRWB contains 1 transactions.

CRWBD Replication Workbench

Database Tables

SAP Package CRWB contains 1 database tables.

CRWBD_BATCH_JOBS Table for identification of the job


SAP Package CRWB contains 7 structures.

CMT_RECLIST_RECSCREEN Output structure for ALV grid recipient list
CRWB_DRZOC Additional Fields in DRZOC for Replication Solution
CRWB_LOG_SYS Search Help Attachment for Interface
CRWB_SEL_BASEL Selected baselines based on distribution date
CRWBD_PDM_FIELDCATALOG Additions in the Browser for Transaction Repl. Workbench
CRWBD_SEARCH_DISTRIB_ORDER Help structure for assembly of a selection screen in the RWB
CRWBD_SEARCH_FOLDER_BASEL Search for initial screen using folder and Baseline


SAP Package CRWB contains 3 programs.

CRWB_DELETE_DISTR_BASELINES Delete Distributed Baselines
CRWB_SCHEDULED_REPLICATION CM: Create Several Baselines in the Background

Message Classes

SAP Package CRWB contains 1 message classes.