SAP Package CS0C

R/3 Customizing: PPS Bills of Material

The package CS0C (R/3 Customizing: PPS Bills of Material) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package CS0C
Short Text R/3 Customizing: PPS Bills of Material
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package CS0C contains 8 function groups.

0CS0 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0CS1 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0CS2 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0CS3 Generated View: Maintenance Pool
0CS4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0CS5 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0CS6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0CS9 Field groups (table maint. generated)


SAP Package CS0C contains 32 transactions.

OS11 Spare Part Indicators
OS12 Material Provision Indicators
OS13 Item Categories
OS14 Material Types Allowed in BOM Item
OS15 Variable-Size Item Formulas
OS16 BOM Item Object Type
OS17 Explosion Types
OS18 Relevancy to costing
OS20 BOM Usage
OS21 BOM Usage Default Values
OS22 Copying Defaults for Item Statuses
OS23 BOM Statuses
OS24 Material Types Allowed in BOMs
OS25 BOMs with History Requirement
OS26 Laboratory/Office
OS27 Modification Parameters for BOMs
OS28 Defaults for BOMs
OS29 User-Specific Settings for BOMs
OS30 Application
OS31 BOM Usage Priorities
OS32 Alternative BOM Determination
OS33 Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt
OS34 Alt. Determination in Costing
OS35 Alt. Determination in Production
OS36 Alt. Determination in SD
OS37 Alt. Determination in PM
OS38 Alt. Determination in MRP
OS40 Generate BOM Transfer File
OS41 Transfer BOM without Long Text
OS47 Field Groups: Assigned Fields
OS48 Field Groups: Definition and Descs
OS70 User-Specific List Profiles


SAP Package CS0C contains 26 views.

V_T159L Alternative Determination in Inventory Mgmt
V_T160M_CS Message control BOM
V_T399D_CS Alternative Determination in MRP
V_T399X_CS Alternative Determination in Production
V_T413 Spare Part Indicators
V_T415A Alternative BOM Determination
V_T415M_K Material Types Allowed in BOM Header
V_T415M_P Material Types Allowed in BOM Items
V_T415S BOM Statuses
V_T416 BOM Usage - Item Statuses
V_T416K Defaults for Copying Item Statuses
V_T416V Copy defaults for BOM usage - item statuses
V_T417 Material Provision Indicators
V_T418 Item Categories
V_T418F Variable-Size Item Formulas
V_TC04 Application-Specific Criteria for Altern. Determination
V_TCK19_CS Alternative Determination in Costing
V_TCS03_M Modification Parameters for BOMs
V_TCS03_V Default Values for BOMs
V_TCS15 BOMs with History Requirement
V_TCS19 BOM Item Object Types
V_TCS41 Order of Priority for BOM Usages
V_TCSFG BOM Field Groups: Definition and Description
V_TCSFGF Fields Assigned to Field Groups
V_TCSPR User Profile for BOMs
V_TVAP_CS Alternative Determination in SD