Structure Package R/3 Enterprise RETAIL

The package EA-RETAIL (Structure Package R/3 Enterprise RETAIL) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Short Text Structure Package R/3 Enterprise RETAIL
Parent Package -

Embedded Packages

SAP Package EA-RETAIL contains 46 embedded packages.

EA-RETAIL-EXT Enhancements for R/3 Enterprise Addon RETAIL (IDs)
LUMER_WADD Quantity Optimizing and Permitted UoMs (Retail AddOn)
R3E_BCS_RETAIL BC - Set Archiving Switch to EA-RETAIL
VPRI Application Development R/3 Retail/CP EDI messages
VPRI1 Application Development R/3 Retail/CP PRICAT Inbound
WAKT_ADD_ON Application Development ADD_ON Promotion
WAUF_ADD Application Development R/3 Purchasing Alloc. Table (Add-On)
WBBCN Assortment List: Enterprise AddOn
WD Retail: New Function for Requirements Calculation
WEFF Retail: Extended Forecast Functions
WFCS IS-R: Sales Forecasting for Stores
WFILL_ADD Enterprise Add-On Retail Site Master
WFRM_ADD Add-On: Cross-Docking and Floor-Ready Merchandise
WIS_PLANB Merchandise and Assortment Planning, R/3 Enterprise Add-On
WLAY_ADD Layout and Space Management, Add-On Development
WLC_PARALLEL Retail: Load Control and External Parallel Processing
WLC_PARALLEL_CUST Retail: Load Control and External Parallel Proc./Customizing
WMGW_ARTICLEMASTER Higher-Level Pack. Assignment for Article Master Enhancement
WMPR2 Retail: Deletion of Forecast Data
WOST SAP Retail Store: Internet Application Components
WOST_CR Retail Store: Convenience Retailing
WOST_CR_CBL Retail Store: Cash Balancing
WOST_CR_EXI Retail Store: Expense Invoice
WOST_CUST Retail Store: Customizing
WPOB IS-R: Closing Purchase Orders
WPOMM Mass Maintenance for Purchase Orders
WPOSA POS -Download Analysis- and Utility Programs
WPOSN IR-R: New POS Interface
WRBA Business Package Retail Buying: Additional Functions
WSAFD DDIC Lean Interface SAF - R/3
WSAFS Sources Lean Interface SAF - R/3
WSORA IS-R: Assortments: Plant Grouping
WSOS Retail Supply Source Determination
WSRP Retail: Store Replenishment
WSSM_ADD Retail: Slowseller Management
WSTEN SAP Retail Store Engine Add On
WSTRGROUPING Holds store grouping development
WSTRMASSMAINT Mass maintenance development
WSTRN Prepack Allocation Planning Dialog
WVKP_ADD Pricing: Higher-Level Add-On Development
WVKP_FP Pricing: Family Pricing
WVKP_RRM Pricing: Retail Revenue Management
WZRE_ADD_ON Agency Business (Add-Ons)
WZRE_BSP Web Interface Complaints Processing for Agency Business