SAP Package FTLC

Customizing Treasury: Loan management

The package FTLC (Customizing Treasury: Loan management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package EA-FINSERV.

Technical Information

Package FTLC
Short Text Customizing Treasury: Loan management
Parent Package EA-FINSERV

Function Groups

SAP Package FTLC contains 81 function groups.

0B03 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0B08 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D10 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D11 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D14 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D15 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D1F Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D23 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D25 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D31 Status of Activities
0D3U View: Status transfers
0D41 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0D52 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DA1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DA2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DA3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DB1 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DCC Function group for copying
0DEO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DEX Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DKO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DPZ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DVD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0DVK Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FCU Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FDV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FE4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FE6 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FEF Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FEI Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FEP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FEQ Customizing rollover
0FEU Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FEV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FKM Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0FV2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0ORD Customizing File Management
0PLP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0PRO Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0SOZ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0V5A Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD0 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD2 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD3 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD4 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD5 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD7 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD8 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VD9 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VDQ Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VVN Number components
0VZA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0VZB Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
0Z01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FVD_PRINC Development for Flexible GL Transfer
FVDC_CORRES_ROLE Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_CUST_FB_CHECK_01 Function modules for Customizing check
TR_DARLC_ABGR01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_BEARB01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_BUKRS01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_DARLA01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_FIDIS01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORR01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORR02 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORR03 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORR04 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORR05 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_KORRE01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_LOANF01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_MAHNW01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_OBJ08 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_OBJ11 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_OBJ12 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_ORDVW01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_SONDV01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_STEUR01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_STOR01 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
TR_DARLC_SYST001 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
WBRSK Customizing Individual Value Adjustment


SAP Package FTLC contains 69 transactions.

FNCW1 Responsibilities for Agent Assgnment
FNCW2 Administrative Responsibility
FNCW3 Assign Agents to Tasks
FNCW4 Activate/Deactivate Workflow
FNKO Cond.types - Cond.groups allocation
FTLC_TBSCOP SAPscript: Standard Texts
FZ91 Customer input per product type
FZBA Transact. types relationship tab.-DD
FZBB Transact.types relationship tab.-DW
FZBC Transact types relationship tab. -DI
FZBD Alloc. prog. transaction types - DD
FZBE Alloc. prog. transaction types - DW
FZBG Ratio Table for For.Exch Rate Conver
FZBH Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator
FZBK Debit form type FVV/DD
FZBL Form Line Items FVV/DD
FZBM Darwin Real Estate Objects FVV
FZBN BAV Control of Cost Elements
FZBO Classification of Contracting Party
FZBP Contracting Party/Class Relatnships
FZBR Cust. trns types per post.appl.-DD
FZBU Customizing Status Transfer
FZBV Selection for status transfers - DD
FZBW Selection for status transfers - DW
FZBX Customizing status definit. D:D,W,I
FZBY Selection for status transfers - DI
FZC4 Maintain Ratings
FZC5 Maintain Legal Entity
FZC6 Maintain Product Types-DW (
FZC7 Maintain Product Types-DW(CoCd data)
FZC8 Maintain Changes in Net Assets
FZC9 Maintain Valuation Types
FZCA Maintain Ownership Share
FZCB Flow types relationship keys
FZCC Maintain VV Status Definition
FZCD Maintain Int. Status Delivery Matrix
FZCE Maintain Condition Type (DW)
FZCF Maintain Condition Type (DD)
FZCG Maintain Condition Group (DW)
FZCH Maintain Condition Group (DD)
FZCJ Maintain Product Types-DD (
FZCK Maintain Product Types-DD(CoCd Data)
FZCN Status Definitions
FZCO Customizing Status Transfer
FZCP Selection for Status Definitions -DD
FZCQ Selection for Status Definitions -DW
FZCR Selection for Status Definitions- DI
FZCS Transaction type - DD
FZCT Transaction type - DW
FZCV Transaction type - DI
FZCX Special Indicator for Loans
FZZB Cust.: Sort criteria selection
FZZC Customizing: Sort criteria values
FZZD Customizing: Planned item-search
FZZE Custzomizing: IPD-transaction types
PBCX Cust. Account Assign. Reference (MM)
PBCY Cust. Account Assign. Reference (FX)
PBCZ Cust. Account Assign. Reference (DE)
PSSD Check BNL flow types
RFVPAR Display Initialization Date
TRBS Automatic Postings Loans: Activities
TRCB Client Copy Customizing
TRCC Client Copy Customizing
TRLO_TBSCOPY Copy Texts Between Clients
TRLOB Report Tree: Loans
TRN0 Number range: Land register no.
TRN3 No.range: FVV_OBJNR(address
TRND No.Range: FVV_VORG Release Procedure

Database Tables

SAP Package FTLC contains 3 database tables.

TRBRGT Authorization Group for Treasury Transactions
TZANGVOR Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator
TZANGVORT Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator


SAP Package FTLC contains 162 views.

H_TDBL Help View for Form Categories
H_TDO2 Helpview for Part of Building Name
H_TDO3 Helpview for property supported
H_TZB09 Help-view posting control table
H_TZB0K Help View for Allocation of Report Cat. to Ext. Flow Type
H_TZB0L Help View for Definition of External Flow Types
H_TZB10 Help-view flow type groups
H_TZB25 Help View Flow Type to Flow Type Group
H_TZB27 Help View G/L Account for Account Group
H_TZB28 Help View Selection Key
H_TZB29 Help View Processing Category
H_TZB30 Help View Processing Key
H_TZB31 Help View Processing Categories for Processing Key
H_TZC37 Help View for Status Definitions
H_TZK04 Help-view condition groups
V_ATRESERVATION Offer/Acceptance Reservation indicator
V_BEWART_EX_MAHN Flow Types Excluded from the Dunning Procedure
V_MAHNWESEN Basic Settings for Dunning
V_RISKCLASS Risk Classes for Individual Value Adjustment
V_T036VD Allocation of Planning Levels for Financial Assets Mgmt
V_T037S Customizing account assignment reference
V_TD01 Collateral keys with texts
V_TD03 Assign Loan Types to Product Types
V_TD03A Define Loan Types
V_TD06 Document types with texts
V_TD061N Customizing-File type indicator view
V_TD06G Document groups
V_TD11 Home statement with texts
V_TD12T Storage location of original documents
V_TD13 Type of offer acceptance (of contact)
V_TD14 Customizing posting special treatment indicator
V_TD16 Customizing view for security types
V_TD17 Branch office
V_TD18 Customizing business region
V_TD22 Customizing View for Special Arrangements
V_TD47D Forms for Legal Dunning Procedure
V_TD47E Forms for Dunning Notices
V_TDA5 Loans: Non-Acceptance
V_TDACC_PRINCIP Maintain Accounting Principles
V_TDB1D Flow Types IP/Rejections
V_TDB23 Activity type - control of requirements
V_TDBLF Form Categories
V_TDBLN Form individual items
V_TDDG3 Loans group key 3
V_TDDG4 Loans group key 4
V_TDKK1 Loans: Define Correspondence Class
V_TDL1 LI Special Treatment ID
V_TDL2 Customizing view guarantee type I
V_TDL21 Customizing View Guarantee Type II
V_TDL3 Customizing view for pledge status
V_TDLOANFUNC Assign Flow Types to Application Subfunction Loans
V_TDMAHNS_MAN Manual Dunning Levels
V_TDO10 Indicator for Condition of Object (Description)
V_TDO11 Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings
V_TDO12 Indicator: Area Description for Object
V_TDO8 Property Conditions for Collateral Objects
V_TDP0 Customizing selection/modification fields
V_TDP0O Customizing selection/modification fields
V_TDP1 Customizing register definition
V_TDP1O Register Definition for File Management
V_TDP2 Customizing report functions for rollover
V_TDP2O Customizing report functions for file
V_TDP2TA Customizing transaction functions for rollover
V_TDP2TO Customizing transaction functions for file
V_TDP3 Customizing register/function allocation
V_TDP3O Customizing register/function allocation
V_TDP4 Variant-relevant condition types
V_TDP4K Variant-relevant condition types
V_TDP4K_N Condition Types for New Business Table
V_TDP6N Maintain Activity Type
V_TDP6NO Maintain Activity Type
V_TDPZ6 CML Correspondence Role Types
V_TDPZZ Loans: Installation Parameters at Client Level
V_TDPZZ_P Settings for Optimzing Performance
V_TDS1 Customizing assignees
V_TDS1N Assignment Creditor
V_TDTTXBSCOPY Correspondence Interface: Letter-Module Relationship
V_TDV07 Allocation of Application/Role Category/Dunning Parameters
V_TDV08 Assignment of Application / Role Category / Limit Currency
V_TDVZL Dunnable Incoming Payment Methods
V_TDZW Customizing pmnt method with adjustment days
V_TIV5A Real Estate Objects
V_TTXADD Correspondence: Definition Dialog Box
V_TTXBFD Correspondence Interface: Letters
V_TTXBSD Correspondence Interface: Letter-Module Relationship
V_TVD01 Prefilter Pmnt Distrib./ Clearing OP/AP
V_TVDST Default Values for Dunning Block and Payment Method
V_TVDSTX Default Texts for Document Item
V_TVDTX Company Code-Specific Texts
V_TVZ04 Customizing incoming payment distribution
V_TVZ06 Value table criteria
V_TZ11AEN Customizing BAV stock indicator (Change)
V_TZ11ANZ Define BAV Stock Indicators
V_TZ18D Loans: BAV Group R11/76 Asset Groups 3/4
V_TZB0AD Loans: Flow types
V_TZB0JD Assign internal flow types to external flow types
V_TZB0KD Assign report cat. to external flow types
V_TZB0LD Definition of External Flow Types
V_TZB0W Assign Activity Category - Reversal Transaction Grouping
V_TZB24 Define flow type group
V_TZB25 Definition: Flow Type to Flow Type Group
V_TZB26 Define account group
V_TZB27 Definition: G/L Account for G/L Account Group
V_TZB28 Define Selection Key
V_TZB29 Define Processing Categories
V_TZB30 Define Processing Key
V_TZB31 Define Processing Categories for Processing Key
V_TZB32 Name of User Function Keys
V_TZB33 PPP: Default Susp. Acct Customer for Refund by Bank Transfer
V_TZB34 Payment PP: Default Payment Meth. for Refund by Bank Transf.
V_TZB6D Loans: Maintain offsetting flow
V_TZBABGZB Flow Types: Interest Basis for Accrual/Deferral
V_TZC37N Loan status definition
V_TZD0AN Customizing customer default values
V_TZE03D Value allocation for incoming payments allocation
V_TZFO Loans: Active Indicator Release
V_TZFSP Customizing release status parameters
V_TZK0D Loans: Condition types
V_TZKD2 Loans: Assign condition types to condition groups
V_TZKD4 Loans: Condition groups
V_TZKM1 View Maintenance Event Control
V_TZKVD Correspondence activities
V_TZM37N Transfer matrix of external statuses
V_TZN01 Number components
V_TZN2 Number components text
V_TZPAD Loans: General product types
V_TZPBDN Product Types (CoCd Data)
V_TZT01D Loans: Control Type
V_TZV05 Types of restraint on drawing
V_TZV07D Define Search ID for Application and Role Category
V_TZZKDD Assign Documents, Correspondence Activities and Roles
V_VDARL View via VDARL for BAV lists
V_VZBAVV View of VZBAVF and VZBAVV - BAV Master Data
VTD02 Customizing view of loan categories
VTD04 Notice types with texts
VTD07 Purpose of Loan (with texts)
VTD08 Generate incoming payment immediately
VTD09 Term
VTD10 Special Treatment
VTD15N Loans: Housing construction financing type
VTD20 Order wording with texts
VTD27 Notice types with texts
VTD28 Notice arrangements (lender)
VTD29 Notice arrangements (borrower)
VTD60N Document Type
VTDDG1 Loans group key 1
VTDDG2 Loans group key 2
VTDO1 Object building method
VTDO2 Name of building part type
VTDO3 Valuation Qualification
VTDO4 View for type of valuation procedure
VTDO5 Valuation rating base
VTDO7 Administrative costs type
VTDSOZ Special interest indicator for loans
VTDTZZTG Assign Transaction/Program to Correspondence Activity
VTDTZZTG_1 Assign Transaction/Program to Correspondence Activity
VTDUSEREXIT14T Text for Pushbutton: User Exit 14
VTIV01_D External usage types / Loans
VTVZ02 Flow types
VTVZ03 Planned item search
VTZ51 Address forms / Letter saluations
VTZPLP Plausibility Checks


SAP Package FTLC contains 2 structures.

DYNA Field names
HTZB0A_ABGRENZUNG Structure for F4 Help for Accrual/Deferral Flow Types


SAP Package FTLC contains 1 programs.

RBSDTRLO Customizing: Loans Automatic Postings - Activities

Search Helps

SAP Package FTLC contains 14 search helps.

H_T024ZTR Search help for payment method
H_TDBL Help View for Form Categories
H_TDO2 Helpview for Part of Building Name
H_TDO3 Helpview for property supported
H_TZB0K Help View for Allocation of Report Cat. to Ext. Flow Type
H_TZB0L Help View for Definition of External Flow Types
H_TZB21 Clerk search
H_TZB25 Help View Flow Type to Flow Type Group
H_TZB27 Help View G/L Account for Account Group
H_TZB28 Help View Selection Key
H_TZB29 Help View Processing Category
H_TZB30 Help View Processing Key
H_TZB31 Help View Processing Categories for Processing Key
H_TZB32 Help View Name of User PF Keys