Structure Package BW Technology

The package RS_BW_STRUPAK (Structure Package BW Technology) is a structure package in SAP ERP.

Technical Information

Short Text Structure Package BW Technology
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Embedded Packages

SAP Package RS_BW_STRUPAK contains 159 embedded packages.

RS BW: General Business Information Warehouse
RS_BBS BW: Adjusting BBS in BW (KCBRST)
RS_BCT_PERS BW: Content Objects for Personalization Data
RS_CATTS_WHM Interface and Test Cases for WHM CATTs
RS_DME_AA Data mining engines: Association analysis
RS_DME_AA_OO Datamining - Association Engine related program objects
RS_DME_AAP Data Mining: Analytical Application Provider
RS_DME_ABC ABC Classification
RS_DME_ABC_OO Datamining : ABC Engine related program objects
RS_DME_ABC_WEB ABC Analysis Web Interface
RS_DME_BW BW Upload of Datamining Results (ODS, MD and Hierarchy)
RS_DME_CL Data mining engines: Clustering
RS_DME_CL_OO Datamining - Clustering Related - OO Based
RS_DME_DMP Data mining engines: Provider
RS_DME_DMP_BAPI Datamining - BAPI & RFC Interfaces for Third Party
RS_DME_DMP_CUS Customising for Engine Registration
RS_DME_DMP_CUS_UI UI for Customising
RS_DME_DMP_OO Datamining Provider - OO Based
RS_DME_DMP_RFC Datamining - RFC based Objects - OO Based
RS_DME_DT Data mining engines: Decison trees
RS_DME_DT_OO Datamining - Decision Tree Related - OO Based
RS_DME_ENG_REG Engine Registration Objects
RS_DME_EX Datamining Extractor Functionality
RS_DME_IM_AA Data Mining: Associativity Analysis: IBM Intelligent Miner
RS_DME_IM_AAP Data Mining: Analytical Appl. Provider on Basis of IBM IM
RS_DME_IM_CLUS Data Mining: Clustering using IBM Intelligent Miner
RS_DME_IM_DMP Data Mining Provider for Engines of IBM Intelligent Miners
RS_DME_IM_DT Data Mining: Decision-Tree-based Classification: IBM IM
RS_DME_IM_IM4D Data Mining: Connection of IBM Intelligent Miner for Data
RS_DME_IM_METADATA Data Mining: Managing Metadata for IBM IM
RS_DME_IM_SCORING Data Mining: Generic Scoring using IBM Intelligent Miner
RS_DME_IS Datamining - Intelligent Service - Adapters
RS_DME_MSSQL Interface Between MS Analysis Services and Data Mining
RS_DME_SC Data Mining Engines: Scoring
RS_DME_SC_APPL Scoring: Applications
RS_DME_SC_OO Datamining : Scoring Engine related program objects
RS_DME_UI Data mining engines: User interfaces
RS_DME_UI_OO Datamining UI related - OO Based
RS_KAP_PSR Data Handling Project Status Report
RS_NAD Release Notes for Non-ABAP Developments
RS_OSP_BI_REPORT Office Suite Program - BI report functionality
RS_PERS Personalization Framework
RS_SAPWL_BW SAP: Supplement for ST03N Workload Display for BW
RS_T_BCT Content Extensions in Technology System
RS_TCT BW: Technical Content
RS_TCT_GENERAL BW Tool Content - General Objects
RS_WEB_BIITEMS BW: Netweaver Web-Items
RS_WEB_DESIGNTIME BW Web DesignTime and Metadata as of BW Release 4.x
RS_WEB_RUNTIME Web Reporting Runtime
RSA General Data Transfer
RSAC_TOOL Tools for Customizing Data Staging
RSAN_APD APD - Main Package
RSAOLTP OLTP Metadata <-> BW Metadata Interface
RSAPO Interface for APO
RSAR Data import from source system
RSAR_DEP Release-Dependent Objects RSAR
RSARCH BW Archiving
RSASEL Data Transfer: Selection Criteria
RSAT General tree support / lining level
RSAU BIW: Data Transfer - Update
RSAWB BW: Administrator's Workbench
RSB Business Information Warehouse: Data Marts
RSBAPI BAPIs from the Business Information Warehouse
RSBATCH Batch Manager for BW
RSBM BW: Meta Data Management and Extraction
RSBO Open Hub - Maintenance and Execution
RSBW BW Component Hierarchy
RSCC BW Customizing
RSCDS Summarization Routines for Fact Table
RSCI Objects for Special Web Items
RSCOPA SAP BW-Objects for R/3 CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)
RSCR Formatted Reporting
RSCRM BW Objects for CRM
RSCRM_BAPI Segmentation BAPI
RSCRM_LEGACY Mapping the BDS Key for Query Views to New View ID
RSCRT (Near)-Real-Time Data Transfer into BW
RSD BW: General data basis
RSDB2 BW: Porting DB2 /390
RSDB4 BW: Porting AS400
RSDB6 BW: Port DB6
RSDB6_BW35 BIW: Porting DB6 --- Objects Different in 3.1 and 3.5
RSDD BW: Data basis data manager
RSDDK BW Aggregates
RSDDMD Load, Delete Master Data (Copied from RSDD)
RSDG BW: Data basis generation
RSDGP BW: Data Basis Generation (Private Objects)
RSDI BW: Data Basis Data Manager/Interfaces
RSDINP Data Entry for Demo and Prototyping
RSDL BW DB Connect
RSDM Data Mining
RSDMD Master Data Update
RSDMMD Visualization of the IC Data Model
RSDP DevClass/Pack. for Ext Analysis Server Functionality
RSFO Integration of Formula Editor in Transfer/Update Rules
RSFO_DEP Release-Dependent Objects from RSFO
RSGIS BEx GIS Server Components
RSGRAPHICS BW: Classes for Network Graphics
RSINF BW: Porting Informix
RSIS Intelligent Services Definitions
RSISD Intelligent Services Demo
RSISP Intelligent Services Parameterization Components
RSISR Intelligent Services Runtime
RSISW Intelligent Services Workbench
RSMD Master Data Conversion
RSMIGR DB Hetrogeneous Migration
RSMSS Microsoft SQL Server Porting
RSNDI Interface for NDIs (SEM, CRM)
RSO BW Repositiory
RSOA BW OLTP Direct Access
RSOD KW Document Link
RSODSO Developments Specific to ODS Objects
RSP BW: General objects for BW reporting components
RSPA BW: ABAP classes for BW reporting components
RSPC Process Chains
RSPOR Portal Integration
RSQBW BW-Specific Parts of the InfoSet Query
RSR BW: General reporting processor
RSR_CACHE BW: Reporting Processor Cache
RSR_DR BW Interface to Drag&Relate
RSR_EXCEL_PRECALC Package for Precalculation of Workbooks
RSR_EXPLAIN Explain Key Figure
RSRB BW: Batch Reporting
RSRB12 Batch reporting objects in release 1.2
RSRB20 Objects of Batch Reporting in Release 2.0
RSRD BW: Broadcasting
RSRD_MS Broadcasting - Integration in MS Office
RSROA OLAP Aggregation Engine
RSRV Analysis and Repair of BW Objects
RSS BW: General services
RSSBR BW: Reporting Authorization Check
RSSDK Package Contains Elemenents for UDConnect
RSSEM SEM Connection to BW
RSSF BW: Interface Mobile Sales
RSSH BW: Hierarchy Processing - General
RSSM BW: General monitoring and scheduling
RSST BW: Test Plans
RSSZ BW: General services for customer master data
RSWEBRUNTIME Functions of the Web Runtime Environment
RSZ BEx query definition server
RSZA Web Query Designer
UPBPM Planning Folders
UPC SEM-BPS: General Functions
UPF SEM-BPS: Planning Functions
UPP SEM-BPS: Planning Processor and Layout Builder
UPS Status and Tracking System
UPW Web Development SEM-BPS
UPWB Graphic Builder for Planning Applications with BSP
UPX CRM Sales Planning - Kernel
UPX_CUST Customizing Framework
UPY SEM for Public Sector: Budget Preparation