SAP Package SGLB

CCMS: Generic Grouping and Load Balancing

The package SGLB (CCMS: Generic Grouping and Load Balancing) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SGLB
Short Text CCMS: Generic Grouping and Load Balancing
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SGLB contains 1 function groups.

SGLB CCMS: Grouping and Logon Load Balancing

Database Tables

SAP Package SGLB contains 4 database tables.

RGDEFDB Main Table for Resource Group Definitions
RGDETAILS Detailed Resource Group Info and Properties
RGLISTMEM Resource Group: Assignments/Definition of Member's List Type
RGPARAM Parameters Associated with the Resource Group Quality


SAP Package SGLB contains 4 structures.

BAPIRGBASC RG: Resource Group Basic Info
BAPIRGDTLS RG: Detail Part of the Resource Group
BAPIRGKEY RG: Name/Purpose of the Resource Group
BAPIRGMEM RG: Name of the Member of a Resource Group