SAP Package SM&P

Modeling and Prototyping

The package SM&P (Modeling and Prototyping) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SM&P
Short Text Modeling and Prototyping
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SM&P contains 1 function groups.

SETB Table processing for global routines


SAP Package SM&P contains 1 transactions.

SE16 Data Browser

Database Tables

SAP Package SM&P contains 3 database tables.

DBDATA Data Browser Procedure Data
TBPROGREF Reference table - program
TBVIEWER Table for locking with table indicator


SAP Package SM&P contains 3 structures.

DATABROWSE Internal administration structure for Data Browser
NF2STRINFO Structure information for complex data structures
TBSELLIST Structure for table indicator


SAP Package SM&P contains 2 programs.

RSDBPRRM Delete Old SE16 Programs

Message Classes

SAP Package SM&P contains 1 message classes.

MO Modellierung und Prototyping