SAP Package SP0A

HR-OM: General Attribute Maintenance in Org. Management

The package SP0A (HR-OM: General Attribute Maintenance in Org. Management) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package BASIS.

Technical Information

Package SP0A
Short Text HR-OM: General Attribute Maintenance in Org. Management
Parent Package BASIS

Function Groups

SAP Package SP0A contains 7 function groups.

0H15 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
HRBAS00GENATTR_DEFINITION HR: Generic Attributes - Definition
HRBAS00GENATTR_DIALOG HR: Generic Attributes - Dialogs
HRBAS00GENATTR_FINDINGS HR: Generic Attributes - Search
HRBAS00GENATTR_RUNTIME HR: Generic Attributes - Runtime
HRBAS00GENATTR_WORKFLOW HR: Generic Attributes - Workflow
RHOMATTRIBUTES HR-OM: General Attribute Maintenance


SAP Package SP0A contains 6 transactions.

OOATTRCUST Customizing General Attribute Maint.
OOATTRCUST_DISP Customizing General Attribute Maint.
OOATTRCUST_TRSP Customizing General Attribute Maint.
PPOCA Create Attributes
PPOMA Change Attributes
PPOSA Display attributes

Database Tables

SAP Package SP0A contains 14 database tables.

HRATTRTPL Template for Attribute Indices
HRH1222 Infotype 1222: Reserved for Enhancements
HRP1222 Infotype 1222: General attribute maintenance
HRP1223 (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
HRT1222 Table Section Infotype 1222: General Attribute Maintenance
T77OMATDIR General Attribute Maintenance: Change Information
T77OMATTDB General Attribute Maintenance: Help Indices for Attributes
T77OMATTIX General Attribute Maintenance: Index Analysis
T77OMATTOT Gen. Attribute Maintenance:Attributes per Obj.Type/Scenario
T77OMATTR General Attribute Maintenance: Definition of Attributes
T77OMATTRT General Attribute Maintenance: Text Tables for Attributes
T77OMATTSC General Attribute Maintenance: Application Scenarios
T77OMATTST General Attribute Maintenance: Texts on Scenarios
T77OMATTUS General Attribute Maintenance: Attributes per Scenario


SAP Package SP0A contains 7 views.

HRV1222A View of Attributes
HRV1222B View of Attributes
HRV1222OT Infotype 1222 (OTJID)
HRV1222SC View of General Attributes: Index for Objects/Scenario
V_T77OMATTOT INTERNAL: Attribute Definition of a Scenario (Dialog)
V_T77OMATTUS INTERN: Attribute Definition of a Scenario
V_T77OMATTUSD INTERNAL: Scenario Attribute Definitions (DDIC)


SAP Package SP0A contains 24 structures.

HRI1223 (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
OMATTBUFFER_LOG Generic Attributes: Structure for Buffer Log
OMATTINHOB Gen. Attribute Maintenance: Additional Info. on Inheritance
OMATTRCHECK Generic Attributes: Structure for Check Log
OMATTRDEFX Generic Attributes: Dialog Characteristics
OMATTREF Generic Attributes: Scenario with Instance
OMATTRLOG Generic Attribute Maintenance: Application Log
OMATTRPROP General Attribute Maintenance: Transfer Struc. for Attribute
OMATTRREPL Generic Attributes: Replace Values (List)
OMATTRREPS Data Record for Replacing Attribute Values
OMATTRTEXT General Attribute Maintenance: Attribute with Text (for F4)
OMATTRTREE Generic Attributes: Structure for Path Buffering
OMATTVALDY General Attribute Maintenance: Screen Fields
OMATTVALRT General Attribute Maintenance: Transfer Structure for Values
OMATTVALRTS Gen. Attrib. Maintenance: Attributes(Inherited-SingleValues)
OMATTVALRTX General Attribute Maintenance: Attributes of Set of Objects
OMATTVALUE Transfer Structure for Container
OMSCENTEXT General Attribute Maintenance: Scenario with Text
P1222 Infotype 1222: General attribute maintenance
P1222_AF Additional Query Fields
P1222_EXP Infotype 1222 Expanded Structure
P1223 (Reserved for Generic Attributes)
PT1222 General Attribute Maintenance
T77OMAT_ST Structure for Scenario Subtypes with Texts


SAP Package SP0A contains 15 programs.

MP122200 HR Module pool infotype 1222
MP1222BI Mp1222bi
RHBAUPAT Buffer creation for generic attributes
RHBAUPAT_BASE Buffer Creation for Generic Attributes
RHDBST50 Database Statistics: Generic Attributes
RHGENERATE_ATTRIB_TABLE Transparent Tables for Generic Attributes
RHOMATTRIBUTECHECK HR-CA: General Attribute Maintenance: Consistency Check
RHOMATTRIBUTECUSTCHECK Check Customizing entries
RHOMATTRIBUTES_ANALYZE Analysis of Attribute Inheritance
RHOMATTRIBUTES_CLEAN_HRT1222 Deletion of entries in table HRT1222 that are no longer referenced
RHOMATTRIBUTES_CONSISTENCY Consistency Check: Characteristics Generic Attributes
RHOMATTRIBUTES_REPLACE Replacement of Attributes
RHOMATTRIBUTES_TADIR Change Information for Attributes (SAP Internal)
RHSTRU00_ATTRIB Structure Display with Attributes

Message Classes

SAP Package SP0A contains 1 message classes.

5AT Allgemeine Attributpflege