SAP Package VA0C

Customizing R/3 sales

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The package VA0C (Customizing R/3 sales) is a standard package in SAP ERP. It belongs to the parent package APPL.

Technical Information

Package VA0C
Short Text Customizing R/3 sales
Parent Package APPL

Function Groups

SAP Package VA0C contains 10 function groups.

080C Generated View: Maintenance Pool
080I Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080N Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
080O Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081A Customizing for Contracts
081G Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
081R Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
085C Ext.table maintenance (generated) SD-APO
0WC12 Cross-Selling Customizing
V80V SD Customizing Documents


SAP Package VA0C contains 66 transactions.

OVA2 Incompletion log
OVA3 C_RV_Tab. TAUUM SlsDocType Convers.
OVA4 /nse38/nse38Schedule Usage
OVA5 C SD Tab.VHA Ord.Type Group Itm Det.
OVAA C SD Tab. VAG Rejection Reasons
OVAB /nse38/Schedule Line Types
OVAC C SD Tab VCPA 'Copy Documents
OVAE C SD Tab. VEP Orders
OVAF C SD Tab. 184 Item Category Determ.
OVAG C SD Tab. VAG Rejection Reasons
OVAH /nse38/Variable Messages
OVAL C SD Table VASP Sales Docs: Blocks
OVAP C SD Tab. VAP Item Categories
OVAQ C SD Tab. VAU Order Block Reasons
OVAR C SD Tab. ROAZ Route Determination
OVAS C SD Tab. VAST 'Order: Block Reasons
OVAT C SD Tab. TXVR Copy Document Text
OVAU C SD Tab. VAU Other Reasons
OVAV C SD Tab. MVFU Avail.Check Criteria
OVAW C SD Tab. PTM Item Category Groups
OVAY C SD Tab. 184E Sched.Line Determ.
OVAZ C SD Tab. VAKZ Order Type/Organiz.
OVC1 C SD Tab. TVC1 Activity Outcomes
OVC2 C SD Tab. TVC2 Activity Reason
OVC3 C SD Tab. TVC Sales Activity Status
OVC4 C SD Tab. TVC4 Activity Outcomes
OVC5 C SD Tab. TVC5 Sales Activities
OVC6 C SD Tab. TVC6 Activity Status
OVC7 c SD Tab TVC7 Assign Activities
OVCG Mtn Action Box for Follow-Up Act.
OVCK C SD Tab. TVKK Activity Types
OVCM RVCust:TVKK:Planning:Sales Act. Type
OVCP C SD Tab. TVCPK Activity Copying Con
OVCS C SD Tab. TVKK Activity Types
OVR5 C SD Tab. TBRC Industry Code (Cust.)
OVR6 C SD Tab. TVGF Legal Status (Cust.)
OVRX SD Cust.Tble TBPROC:Business Trans.
OVZ4 C SD Factory Calendar
OVZ7 C SD Tab TVLS Deliveries: Blocking
OVZ8 Avail.Check Procedure by SchLineCat.
VOBO Config.for Backorder Processing
VORB Group Reference Sales Document Types
VORP Repairs procedure:Short texts trans.
VORS Group Reference Procedures
VORV Repair procedure
VOV4 Table TVEPZ Assign Sched.Line Cat.
VOV5 Table TVEPZ Assign Sched.Line Cat.
VOV6 Maintain Schedule Line Categories
VOV7 Maintain Item Categories
VOV8 Document Type Maintenance
VOVA Default Values for Material
VOVB Screen Sequence Group Maintenance
VOVC Item Field Selec.Group Maintenance
VOVD Header Field Selection Group
VOVF Variant matching procedure
VOVL Cancellation Rules
VOVM Cancellation Procedures
VOVN Assignment Rules/Cancellation Proc.
VOVO Val.period.category
VOVP Rule Table for Date Determination
VOVQ Cancellation Reasons
VOVR Default Values for Contract
VOVS Define Status in Overview Screen
VOW1 User assignment GRUKO_WF
VOZP Planng dlv. sched.instr./split rule

Database Tables

SAP Package VA0C contains 88 database tables.

T176 Sales Documents: Customer Order Types
T184 Sales Documents: Item Category Determination
T476 Parameterization of the Configuration Editor
T476T Parameterization of the Configuration Editor
T661K Internal and External Conditions Assignment
T661W Determination of Sold-to Party for EDI DlvSched/JIT
T663 Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliers
T663A Dealing with errors:Scheduling agreements with rel.orders
T664A Special processing for deliveries for ext.agents
T665A Special Processing for Self-Billing
TCSP Cross-Selling Profile: Definition
TCSPF Cross-Selling: Profile Determination
TCSPT Cross-Selling Profile: Definition: Texts
TMVFT Availability check control: Texts
TMVFU Scope of Availability Check (Default Values)
TPRG Date display format
TPVD Product Proposal: Definition of Customer Procedure
TPVDT Product Proposal: Texts for Customer Procedure
TPVH Product Proposal: Definition of Source Indicator
TPVHT Product Proposal: Texts for Source Indicator
TPVMS Product Proposal: Materials Sorting
TPVMST Product Proposal: Materials Sorting: Texts
TPVSB Product Proposal: Batch Procedure Determination
TPVSM Product Proposal: Procedure Definition
TPVSMT Product Proposal: Texts for Procedure Definition
TPVSO Product Proposal: Online Procedure Determination
TPVV Product Proposal: Definition of Transaction Procedure
TPVVT Product Proposal: Transaction Texts
TPVZU Product Proposal: Access Sequence Definition
TVAG Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
TVAGT Rejection Reasons for Sales Documents: Texts
TVAK Sales Document Types
TVAKT Sales Document Types: Texts
TVAKZ Sales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org.
TVAP Sales Document: Item Categories
TVAPT Sales document item categories: Texts
TVAS Action Procedure for End of Contract
TVASB Action Procedure: Texts
TVASP Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons
TVAST Sales Document Blocking Reasons: Texts
TVAU Sales Documents: Order Reasons
TVAUK Cost Center Determination
TVAUT Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts
TVAV Contact Person: Buying Habits
TVAVT Contact Person: Buying Habits: Texts
TVBPROC Business Transaction for ATP
TVBPROCT ATP: Texts for Business Transaction
TVCPA Sales Documents: Copying Control
TVEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Categories
TVEPZ Sales Document: Schedule Line Category Determination
TVET Sched.line types for sched.agreements (e.g.backlog, provis.)
TVETT Schedule line types for sched.agreements: Texts
TVGRPB Group Referencing Requirement: Sales Document Type
TVGRPF Group Referencing Requirement: Fields
TVGRPS Group referencing requirement: Procedures
TVGRPT Group Referencing Requirement: Texts
TVKR Cancellation Rules
TVKRT Descriptions of Cancellation Rules
TVKS Cancellation procedures for contracts
TVKST Cancellation Procedures for Agreements, Texts
TVKUS Cancellation Procedures
TVKVT Pricing Procedures: Procedure: Texts
TVLV Check table for release orders: Usage ID
TVLVT Release order usage ID: Texts
TVRG Rule table for indirect date determination for contracts
TVRGT Rules for Indirect Date Determination: Descriptions
TVRMAS Repairs Procedure: Procedures
TVRMAT Repairs Procedure: Texts
TVRMAV Repairs Procedure: Times
TVSU Material Substitution: Reasons
TVSUT Material Substitution: Texts for Reasons
TVUV Incompletion Control: Procedures
TVUVF Incompletion Control: Fields
TVUVFC Incompletion Control: Function Codes
TVUVFCT Incompletion Control: Function Code Texts
TVUVG Incompletion Control - Object Categories
TVUVO Incompletion Control: Object Category Texts
TVUVS Incompletion Control: Status Groups
TVUVT Incompletion Control: Texts for Procedures
TVVD Contract Data Profile
TVVDT Contract Profile: Texts
TVVW Item Usage
TVVWT Item Usage Texts
TVZP Planning Delivery Schedule Instructions
TVZPT Planng Dely Sched.Instructions Descripn (TVZP)
TVZS Delivery Schedule Splitting Rules
TVZST Dlv.Sched.Splitting Rule Descript. (TVZS)
TVZZ Assign Splitting Rules to Planning Dlv.Schedule Instructions


SAP Package VA0C contains 84 views.

H_TVPT Helpview generated for check table TVPT
H_TVRL Helpview generated for check table TVRL
H_TVZP Check Table TVZP Help View
H_TVZS Check Table TVZS Help View
V_160MVA System Messages
V_T176 Sales Documents: Customer Order Types
V_T184 Item Category Assignment
V_T190 Customizing for Product Allocation
V_T190H SD Product Allocation Planning Structure
V_T190O SD Product Allocation Objects
V_T190S Product Allocation: Definition of Procedure
V_T190V SD Allocation: Consumption Period in Number of Periods
V_T459K Requirements Classes
V_T459K_K Requirements Class for Costing and Account Assignment
V_TAUUM SD: Language-dependent Conversion of Sales Document Type
V_TBRC Industry Sector Code (Customer Master)
V_TCSP Profile Definition
V_TCSPF Profile Determination
V_TEPZ Assign Schedule Line Categories
V_TPRG Date Display Format
V_TPTM Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master
V_TPVD Customer Procedure for Product Proposal
V_TPVH Source Texts for Product Proposal
V_TPVMS Sorting of Materials in Product Proposal
V_TPVSB Batch Determination Procedure for Product Proposal
V_TPVSM Procedure Definition for Product Proposal
V_TPVSMD Product Proposal Determination Procedure - Definition
V_TPVSO Online Determination Procedure for Product Proposal
V_TPVV Document Procedure for Product Proposal
V_TPVZU Product Proposal - Access Sequences
V_TVAK Maintain Sales Order Types
V_TVAK_PV Sales Documents: Types - Product Proposal
V_TVAK_T1 Maintain TVAK Test
V_TVAKU Maintain Sales Order Types - Overview
V_TVAKZ Sales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org.
V_TVAP Maintain Item Categories
V_TVAP_D Display of Item Categories Assigned to Document Type
V_TVAPR Maintain Item Categories: Revenue Recognition
V_TVAS Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons
V_TVASB Action procedure
V_TVASP Sales Document Blocks
V_TVAU Sales Documents: Order Reasons
V_TVBPROC ATP: Business Transaction
V_TVCPAAE Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
V_TVCPAAK Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
V_TVCPAAP Copying Control: Sales Document to Sales Document
V_TVCPAFE Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document
V_TVCPAFK Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document
V_TVCPAFP Copying Control: Billing Document to Sales Document
V_TVEP Maintain Schedule Line Categories
V_TVEP_V Rel.Requirements and Availability for Sched.Line Categories
V_TVEPZ Assign Schedule Line Categories
V_TVEPZ_V Assignment of Requirement Types to Transaction
V_TVGF Legal Status (Customer Master)
V_TVGRPB Group Referencing Requirement: Sales Document Type
V_TVGRPF Group Referencing Requirement: Fields
V_TVGRPS Group referencing requirement: Procedures
V_TVHB Maintain Field Selection Groups
V_TVHB_KPF Screen Sequence Groups
V_TVHB_POS Maintain Group for Field Selection at Item Level
V_TVHF Group for Field Selection at Header Level
V_TVKK_STG Sales Activities: Sales Activity Types: Status Group
V_TVKR Cancellation Rules
V_TVKS Cancellation Procedures
V_TVKUS Assign Rules to Cancellation Procedure
V_TVLS_SBE Reasons for and Scope of Deliv.Blocks: Transfer of Req.Block
V_TVLSP Delivery Blocks
V_TVLZ Validity Period Category
V_TVRG Rule Table for Date Determination
V_TVRMAS Repairs Procedure: Procedures
V_TVRMAV Repairs Procedure: Times
V_TVSA_1 SD Documents: Processing Groups
V_TVUV Incompletion Control: Procedures
V_TVUVF Incompletion Control: Fields
V_TVUVFC Incompletion Control: Function Codes
V_TVUVFCT Incompletion Log: Function Code: Texts
V_TVUVG Incompletion Control - Object Categories
V_TVUVS Incompletion Control: Status Groups
V_TVVFS Variant Matching Procedure: Procedures
V_TVVFZ Variant Matching Procedure: Time Control
V_TVVW Item Usage
V_TVZP Maintain Planning Delivery Schedule Instructions
V_TVZS Maintain Delivery Schedule Splitting Rules
V_TVZZ Assign Delivery Schedule Splitting Rules


SAP Package VA0C contains 2 structures.

TRANS_TAB_SD Designation of Table Entries to be Transported
VPVCOL Column Headings for Product Proposal


SAP Package VA0C contains 1 programs.

SD_TVSTAT Define Display Status in the Overview Screen

Search Helps

SAP Package VA0C contains 5 search helps.

H_TVPT Helpview Generated for Check Table TVPT
H_TVRL Helpview Generated for Check Table TVRL
H_TVZP Check Table TVZP Help View
H_TVZS Check Table TVZS Help View
RMA_ZEITP Repair procedure: Stage

Message Classes

SAP Package VA0C contains 1 message classes.

VT Vertriebstabellen